2. Well for starters hardly anyone will buy that sort of meat in one go, mainly due to smaller houses and less freezer space, So that much meat for one family would be take too long to get through it without freezeburning. Then there is the cut difference between the two countries. In the states you seem to have more cuts than us, and seam more muscle away to give individual muscles, rib eye for example, you guys use the cap for something else but in the UK it stays on the eye for a larger surface. A lot of American butchery I see is bandsaw cut whereas in the UK we process most of our meat cuts with a handsaw and a boning knife. It's just interesting is all.

  3. cap on for boneless ribeye steak, cap off would be a ribeye filet, or eye of ribeye, perhaps if you used the cap to make a cap steak. i’ve never had one but it’s the best part of the ribeye steak, so it must make a hell of a steak. id be livid if i was unknowingly sold a ribeye filet as a boneless ribeye steak. still damn good meat either way. beef baby

  4. Would a bear retreat if you smacked it with that big wood log on it's nose? I mean you probably won't hurt it but it could get confused. My fear would be that the bear just tanks through the hit since it's so well armored with its mass and thick skin.

  5. bro you’d need to hit it with a fucking sword to do anything of gravity to fuck that bear up in one on one combat without a firearm.

  6. Thank you! Oh definitely, no doubt the premium for the set will be high.

  7. i was thinking the same. i was also wondering if this stop to student loan repayments would give an influx of greenbacks to banks, cushioning them from further collapse.

  8. People that owe money will re-prioritize their spending, or default on their loans.

  9. wild, isn’t it? fucking metals have been money since the beginning of modern human time.

  10. Was it in, or near, a farm field? Looks like plow marks.

  11. but the opposite direction, they're raised not indented. it is now, not sure exactly how long its been farm land, maybe 200 years. before that all forest.

  12. Nice, I support abortion as well, good to know that those huge corporations are at least doing something right.

  13. Demo includes removal down to the substrate. This is a common thing on tile demo jobs when you get a lazy crew, or they know an install crew is coming behind them. Withhold payment until it’s all up or the installer is going to hit you with more prep charges. Thinset is a pita to deal with if you don’t have a vacuum shrouded grinder. Even then it’s annoying to deal with when you know somebody else already got paid to do it.

  14. jackhammer my man, pneumatic or electric. make light work of that mortar, for the floors anyway. wouldn’t suggest it for a wall 😂

  15. More ODs short term, less gang/cartel/police killings, organized crime will have to find alternative funding sources which could lead to increased theft (digital especially), potential Wall Street issues, police funding would go down meaning more tickets or taxes to subsidize. I’m still for them being completely legalized, but the unintended consequences could be more far reaching than anticipated given the amount of money involved.

  16. re: cartel income, probably an expansion in human trafficking to offset the cartel’s lost revenue from international drug dealing. though if legalized, the US could legally import cocaine, since the best climate for growing is in northern south america. maybe actually turn some poor farmers there into wealthier farmers. i’m sure it’d help columbias economy immensely but would probably see an uptick government corruption soon thereafter.

  17. Just look at how awful the weed legalization rollout has been. I would certainly expect the govt to be even clumsier and mismanagement/grift to be at an all time high. Eventually it would end up like tobacco, monopolized by a few mammoth companies with deep lobbying pockets.

  18. i voted for it in Maine before moving in 2017 so really didn’t see how it rolled out. didn’t move far, just over the border to NB Canada, where the rollout in 2018 nationwide and was pretty dope.

  19. she’s a fucking babe. maybe not all the guys wanted her in high school but she was a keeper for sure.

  20. Its great to find songs made for us by some mysterious Ape time traveler. Thank You, Ape Time Lord.

  21. Why else would Christians and Christian values be enemy #1 among the WEF, UN, WHO and governments. No other faith is attacked.

  22. you're delusional. there have been wars over religion since the beginning of time. no other religion is attacked lmao how high are you?

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