1. Yeah only difference is they fly, so its more like flying bears and flying wolves, and they move as proficiantly as they swim in the sea which for them big bitey fuckers can be a bit of a problem. Image a massive orca or great white swooping out of the sky to come take a little nibble out of those cheeks me sees when you are running away. Sounds terrifying to me.

  2. Downside is that they lose their stealth buff from the sea. They cause a problem until we genocide them

  3. Honestly, Wesker might win this. He is literally built different. He isn’t out statting Mercer, but his gigachad genetics might accept mercer’s merging and make him the true controller of the entity. This is because the entity isn’t Alex but believes itself to be Alex, scientifically speaking. Once it finds a superior host, being Wesker and his gigachad genes, it might just give in.

  4. I don't remember seeing anything of Wesker to imply that Mercer wouldn't immediately consume and absorb him.

  5. Question is, can he consume Wesker? Wesker is literally built different as a feat. His body might actually accept Mercer and make him his own power. Remember, scientifically speaking, that’s not Alex Mercer, but the entity believing itself to be Alex Mercer.

  6. No. They outstat him. With prep maybe, but in a straight fight, no. It’s why he got completely dogged by Captain Marvel 616 who at that point not only was not in her binary form, but vastly weaker than her movie counterpart (they’re slowly tryna make her stronger as before 2022 she and the entirety of shield pretty much admitted to not being able to hold back Amadeus Cho Hulk).

  7. Dc is weird. They don’t really have a lotta mid levelers. Either 0 or 100 for them.

  8. You know how broken Cap is? He can run a mile in 2 minutes or something like that, does automatic fire while simultaneously block it for a group of people in the opposite direction, pull down a helicopter as an old man, knock out a group of highly trained and armed men in close quarters in the blink of an eye. He’s a superhero for a reason.

  9. Doomsday stomps. 682 is featless unless you want to use the hypothetical stories where he’s an outer omnipotent god, which contradicts how he’s getting owned by a pool of industrial acid.

  10. His feats are at best the same as a deinosuchus with regen. He’s currently in captivity in a pit of acid. Generally speaking, his otherworldly Outer god and super adapting feats don’t make sense nor matter if he is currently getting wrecked by something far less. A pit of industrial acid.

  11. It’s at least the case for Olympian Gods. I’m not sure if the same is said for the Norse ones.

  12. It is the case for the Norse ones too. Mimir mentions how God’s all get different powers, and considering he’s from Scotland and living in Norse lands, that answer applies to 3 pantheons (Arthurian, Greek, Norse). The third is mentioned when he mentions his homeland and brings up a non-Norse, non-Greek story.

  13. Doomsday 10/10. No contest, Doomsday's adaptability is too much.

  14. If the man is old, he can die. There was a documentary about a Turkey raiser. He raised a bunch of turkeys. Eventually, the last one and him were walking one day and it started hissing at him from behind. He thought nothing of it until it lunged at the back of his head and did some damage. He smacked it with a log and it ran away.

  15. A man very easily, dunno how this would be a fight, nice of you too feed the fictional man some turkey however.

  16. However a bad chess player with mind reading can potentially beat a master chess player who sees the future. This is due to the Master actually thinking of how to beat himself.

  17. Yamamoto stomps. Kenpachi killed it with one shikai swing. Yamamoto with his shikai can probs do the same.

  18. Hippo no contest. Weight is twice that of a PB. Their jaws are also way more dangerous than a PB’s weapons.

  19. Forgotten a lot about SCP, but I will point out that people forget SCP’s are seen and described from the point of view of a regular human with no inclination towards the supernatural, including the O5 members. Something that seems unbeatable in the SCP universe doesn’t carry their No Limit Fallacy they have in their universe to vs battles. SCP 682, for example, is said to always forever evolve to become omnipotent godlike or whatever, yet is currently getting owned by a pool of industrial acid.

  20. Bleach should win. The Monarchs are very powerful, stronger than most Captains, and have tons of hax, but Bleach simply scales higher in both areas.

  21. Idk if Ywach or Ichibe scale above Yamamoto. I say they’re comparable in power. Yamamoto lost because he was prepped against and because he kinda gimped himself mentally. I’m talking about non-almighty Ywach.

  22. Saying they are comparable is fair. My logic for Ichibe scaling above Yamamoto is that Yhwach called him the "pinnacle of Shinigami," so Yhwach seems to think that Ichibe is stronger.

  23. Probably meaning Ichibe is willing to put his duty as a shinigami above all else, along with his power level. He isn’t “handicapped” by is overall psyche like Yamamoto was.

  24. my dads been in the gym since he was 18 , hes 52 right now. Safe to say Im passing away.

  25. Idk, at 52, a lot of it is for show. We can’t beat father time. However, can you live with yourself beating up your dad?

  26. R1 - my dad. I wasn’t exactly a tough kid, though I was above normal in strength, I am short.

  27. I don’t think Jaco is that strong. He seems to have just slightly above human level stats.

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