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  1. I bought it in a thrift Shop, the brand seems to be "Bella", it was made in France

  2. I had a feeling it was thrifted. It's giving mid-late 90s. It's gorgeous though, excellent find!

  3. i don’t have the confidence/I don’t want to be jumped

  4. Where do they say it’s from? The hot pin is unnecessary, just try rubbing it repeatedly with your hands. It should give off a piney smell if it’s real

  5. Looks cut and polished, so assuming it was purchased? Do you know where it is from?

  6. Found it in a box gifted by my brother so I don't know But probably purchased yeah

  7. I do believe that it is. Good find

  8. Helloween, if you havent heard of them, these are some of my favorite songs by them

  9. To any trans people who are reading this. IT DOES NOT.

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