1. I didn't watch it for no porn. I watched it, 'cause it had interesting characters like Miss Rosa and Thomas.

  2. Well this Lezzie is an atheist and doesn't believe in your hell. So... 🤣

  3. If you paid attention, he suffered a psychotic break like his mother

  4. I'm 49. I had a commodore by 1983 286 by 1987. Nintendo in 87. First PC repair in 89 when I tried to plug my analog amp into a sound blaster video card which is analog to digital. Torched the power supply. 900 baud modem by 90. 2400 baud modem by 92. Usenet by 88. NASA science internet by 93. Online text gaming by 94 - muds. Pc building and repair by 96. Ultima online by 97. Full time computer tech by 98.

  5. Lol! Cool on the book! Thanks! And wow! You have a lot of experience!! I'm old-ist too. 45. But brand new with gaming PCs lol! Definitely getting on amazon and looking for the book tomorrow!

  6. Oh gawd yeah. I hate windows period! Windows 11 sucks ass!!! Took me like 6 hrs to install office. Still have to call them and figure out how to remove the stupid one drive symbols off everything lol. Years ago i had a password on my laptop just for privacy. Now it's a must!!! So stupid.

  7. Lolololololol i scrolled down to see if someone did before me but FIRST!!! lolololol!!! I actually have that as a sticker from lolol!!! Makes me laugh everytime i see it lol!

  8. The monologue that Madison gave after being brought back from the dead.

  9. I LOVED that monologue!! I voice recorded it on my phone. Along with many others lol but that one was awesome!

  10. Ditto on everyone else's kind words. Things ending can always hurt but beginnings are awesome and beautiful. I do not remember the exact quote from one of my favourite books. But it was something like "what others see as the end of the world, the Caterpillar (sp?) sees as birth/the beginning". Be that beautiful Caterpillar you are!

  11. No problem!!! ❤ If i can remember to find it when I get home ill send the word for word version lol

  12. Never!!! I only call Wes Anderson films and any movies not made in the states films lol!

  13. Yes of course you can. But it’ll make it take longer to launch the menu for building.

  14. No way! Awesome! And cool! I already have SMM! I needed it i think for SOE when using LOOT. And oh yeah, i had USO on ps4 and it did make the menu take a bit to open. Totally worth the extra time!

  15. Ive used the modern furniture pack, neon flats, backpack and a few others and haven’t had any issues whatsoever with them.

  16. This honestly sounds like you have deeper problems with your computer that would require new parts entirely.

  17. Whew! Ok so we've been busy with holiday stuff. Ive had the HDMI cord unplugged from both TV and laptop for the last two days and haven't turned on the laptop. Tried it just now to see if it still doesnt work and it's working!

  18. Joy. Thanks for the info! Do you know how i can diagnose it? The HDMI only doesn't work with MO2. It works fine with Steam.

  19. I'm not good at remember names 😕 ADHD sucks

  20. Aww damn! My bad! Same here lol. I'm major bad at remembering people's names that i meet at gatherings. I'm pseudo obsessed with a lot of the OG AHS cast so that's why i know their names. I'm working on everyone thats Roanoke and up lol

  21. I have alot to remember especially my husband social security since he is military

  22. Oh yeah! I'm OCD so I have 4 copies of EVERYTHING of ours in different locations all over the house lol. I hate how you have to make accounts for everything now a days. If something requires an App on the phone I say no way! There's so many numbers and passwords as it is! I totes feel you!

  23. If it's your first time on meds, or starting a new med and already on others. It sadly does take a while to "level out". Do you live in a mostly hetero/conservative area? If so. That totes sucks. I get that, alot. I don't feel as connected to my LGBTQ community as I was as a kid (teens/20s). I majorly advocate: get a therapist, stay in therapy, do the work, find a hobby (or hobbies), write in a journal every day, read new books, learn new things, listen to new music, watch new shows/movies/documentaries, take a walk outside every day, drink plenty of water, eat fresh healthy foods, take more baths etc.

  24. Awesome smile! And tapestries!! Love the placement of the lotus one!

  25. Janelle said in one of the talking heads something like she and Kody have great conversations, and they've also got 6 kids, so clearly there's attraction there.

  26. Real mormons don't drink caffeine. Or, non crazy mormoms. Or... mormons that don't practice polygamy don't drink caffeine. Or. I lived in SLC Utah for a year and didn't know why the school had no caffeine coffees or sodas till someone explained it to me. I was also confused with "religious clothing" lol. I think Kody made up his own mormon religion. I thought mormons go to temple and shit. Not have church in a livingroom and the dad is the "master" or whatever he calls himself that sounds similar to master lol. Weren't they thrown out of their mormon church? I could be wrong. I'm only hate watching now, enjoying his and sobbyns miseries lol

  27. How funny! I was about to say it must be a newly accepted thing now? That article said 2012. I was there in 2002 lol.

  28. Depeche Mode, Allison Moyet! Yummmmmmy!!! Add erasure/Andy Bell and it's my top 3!

  29. "You may be the antichrist, but my girls are legion motherfucker!" Fiona would never kill herself to save the Coven. Even the supreme is allowed to have self doubting or sad emotions. Remember. It was Fiona that aided in Cordelia's low self worth in coven. "You're hopeless, useless!" Fiona knew Cordelia was next up in line and just like the spell that was put on Mallory to make her have self doubt. By being a bitch of a mom Fiona made sure that Cordelia would constantly doubt herself and feel less than. She blamed Cordelia for the state of the coven in Coven but Fiona was the supreme, it was her failure. If Fiona were never in the picture Cordelia probably would have been way more confident. Imo. Ahh! It hit send before I could finish! Idk why but Paulson's crying/screaming is so soothing to me lol. Or cathartic. I want to have her babies so she's never ugly to me, even with cry-snot running down her face lol

  30. Nooooooo! Definitely put Buttercup toys all around the settlement. Or on his bed.

  31. Wow! You have some beautiful plants!! I miss being able to grow a garden. So therapeutic! The gardening part was more fulfilling and beneficial than the effects of the end product!

  32. Lol!!! I loved him in Moonrise!! Well and pretty much every main character but he made me laugh so much!

  33. I hate you! Shut up with your Sci-Fi crap! I lost my damn arm, and you're sharing fake beards!

  34. This may surprise you, but Britta comes from a long line of wives and mothers.

  35. And she's a steppenwolf wife! Definitely one of my favourite Britta Britta'ing lines lol!

  36. well, you may want to double check that, as that may be intentional depending on what the mod is. if you can tell me what mod i can take a look and let you know whether you need both or just one or the other.

  37. Cool! Thanks! It's Spawn Grenade. Main name. Spawn Grenade, as one file. And Spawn Grenade DLC as the 2nd file. Funnily the game wouldn't launch. Computer decided it was time for some lengthy updates so waiting on that to finally test the order lol

  38. Yeah ok, that one is one or the other, so if you have the DLC then just use the DLC version.

  39. Nice! Thank you!!! I've modded like 5 playthroughs on ps4 but this confused me as first time PC modder lol! Thank you so much! My keyboard is glowing again so hoping it was the laptop's updates reason why the game wouldn't launch via F4SE

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