1. I think they need to draw the line somewhere, having so many different variants is time consuming and costly so it's probably best that they just aim for whatever the average PS5 owner has.

  2. I wouldn't do that, you might open yourself up to some honest observations if you do lol

  3. Probably Ed Kemper killing his mother, decapitating her and then fucking her exposed throat.

  4. I definitely feel bad about how i treated a lot of women over the course of my life, particularly when i was younger. There were a lot of situations where i allowed friendships and relationships kinda drag on because i liked how it felt to be wanted (even though i had zero intentions of letting it go anywhere). I guess it was more about neglect than actually doing overtly mean/hurtful things.

  5. Wait, is there some news on a GTAIV remaster that i missed?

  6. I mean, we're all responsible for our own actions once we hit 18, but our parents contribute a lot to the people that we become and the basic building blocks of who we are, 99% of the time when you come across someone that's really fucked up, you can directly link a lot of it to how badly their parents fucked them up.

  7. Maybe Leo DiCaprio and The Departed, he has made so many other amazing films though.

  8. He was great in the Wolf of Wall Street

  9. I'd dig a hole and bury it (inside a really secure plastic container), i wouldn't go back for it until a couple of years had gone by and i was absolutely certain that nobody was looking at me for it.

  10. I'm in Australia, so the only impact for us (aside from involvement in the following wars of course) were that air travel became a lot more time consuming because of the new security measures. In addition to that, doing stuff with fake identities (creating and using) became a lot harder, but i guess a lot of that has to do with how interconnected systems are now.

  11. I would have voted for GTA Online if it was there. GTAV (single player) was an amazing game, especially for something that was originally a PS3 era title.

  12. Dexter, it should have ended at the season 4 finale. Some of the characters and stories from S5 onwards were ok, but it was very hit and miss (more miss imo).

  13. Remember that video of those Swiss cops? The one where a cop tackles a guy…then sweeps a guy and controls the situation. I get the “don’t know what the guy had on him”, but something has to be said about cops out here not knowing how to fight and defending and automatically going to deadly force.

  14. Agreed, i know it's easy to play armchair officer, but Jesus fucking Christ, if you can't subdue a recently tasered guy that's half your size in a hand to hand situation, you're in the wrong job, or you need more training. If that little guy came swinging at me in the street and i shot him, i'd be up on manslaughter charges lol

  15. Let me tell you a little secret, not everyone on Reddit is from the US and living in a state where that kind of thing is acceptable, in my country, even if you're licenced to own a firearm, you have an obligation to flee the situation. You'd only be justified if you were trying to save a life, or if you were literally backed into a corner and had nowhere to run, if you had a perfectly good way to escape and call the authorities, you have an obligation to do so.

  16. Like out of their exclusives? I really like Stranger Things, Sex Education, Ozark and Mindhunter.

  17. Maeve and Jean, arguably the two smartest and strongest women in the show and they've never even been on the screen at the same time!

  18. There are a handful of movies that i watch maybe once a year or so, some examples are The Goonies, Die Hard (at Christmas of course), Groundhog Day, Flight of The Navigator, ET etc etc, you get the picture, a bunch of the greatest hits from the 80's and 90's.

  19. I'm much better equipped to deal with solitude than 99% of people, i can spend days, weeks, months or even years on my own and it really doesn't phase me.

  20. I want to hop into a cop car and do vigilante missions/assassinations again.

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