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  1. Came here to say I love scorpion stinger, I do not love how it looks plz transmog

  2. Buff cat supremacy for sure he was my favourite skin from c2s2

  3. Since I finished every other challenge, really the only goal is to increase in ranked. And unfortunately the only solo ranked mode is in build mode. Doing Duo random fills is getting kind of tiring.

  4. Bro why the fuck isn’t solo zero ranked is beyond me. They’re maybe afraid of it being more popular.

  5. Have you seen all the receipt porn 🏴‍☠️🤩 we’re gonna SMASH it 🟣🚀🚀🚀

  6. I bought a ps5 in q1 and didn’t bother to post anything about it lol

  7. Saved by awesome star wars but thunder and highwire are badass. I like mystica's alts too

  8. Why use poison over the other status effects though?

  9. Use poison along side other effects, I do a rogue build. Shit adds up. For extra fun use the blessed dew talisman to make you regen 2hp no matter what

  10. Hooray!! And why does the line not go back? (Or is it a tiny weewee)

  11. Some of these 10 year olds have some great game skills

  12. Didn't Larry Cheng have a tweet a little while ago saying they had filmed an interview at his office? I wonder if he's going to be in it.

  13. Bro if he is, if I were him I would be watching and tweeting everything they left out

  14. It’s funny, 90s kids say we are too young to be part of them but we’re too old to be zoomers

  15. I’m an 89, so I’m the real 90s kid, you’re definitely a 90s kid in 99

  16. Thank you! Yeah makes sense for Zelda. Excited to see how those games contribute to total sales

  17. Bought a ps5 in q1 but haven’t posted the receipt lol

  18. I’m not done buying my stock and stuff at GameStop

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