AITA For Asking My Friend For a Piece of Chocolate?

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  1. You are a grade A bitch and needs to back off from harassing her. No wonder she doesn’t wanna hangout with you. I am assuming your whole family is like this and she feels pressured to act in ways she doesn’t feel comfortable with. She married your brother and not you. As long as he is happy with her who are you to shove your nose in ?

  2. NTA. You gave her multiple options before and tried to help. It’s her fault and I hope she changes. I would have done the same thing. It’s really irresponsible and selfish of her.

  3. I wish people like your parents could be persecuted. My father was exactly like that. But my mom pushed for our education and we were able to have a career despite intense physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse ( yes from our own father). I am really sorry and I can’t hold my tears back reading your post. I wish I could give you a hug. I am really sorry. I am really proud of you that you are pushing yourself to get the life you deserve. Those monsters don’t deserve to be in your life. “I love you” means nothing. My father will smack my head against the wall or kick in my stomach and would buy a one cent candy as a compensation. It doesn’t work. The only way to give justice that kid is not letting him face his abusers. Those trashes are not your responsibility. They were adults who chose to abuse you. You don’t owe them anything. But you owe that little kid a good life. Please cut them out of your life. A lots of good wishes for you OP. I hope you heal and shine.

  4. Please don’t pay for her. She only wants to rekindle the relationship for money. Unkind people like her doesn’t deserve to be treated with kindness. Really happy for you though. You built a good life for yourself despite the fact that she abandoned you.

  5. Yep :) I spent my whole childhood with intense physical and mental abuse. I am still on a high alert mode and can’t fall sleep although no one is going to hurt me anymore….

  6. Has your shed stopped or did you get back on the Spiro

  7. First of all, leave that bf and free yourself with some extra time and less stress. I have heard that PhD brings out the worst in people, there are few resources that can help you navigate through your difficult emotions. Look it up Phd balance website. Try to meditate or exercise which will help you clear your brain and make right decisions

  8. I exercise on a very regular basis and hoping to get done with my PhD by next April. May be life will be better after that. I don’t know. My bf and I decided to break up in April as he wanted to support during my thesis defense. Given that I don’t have any family to support me I wanted him there as well. I know that’s not probably the greatest idea but I am just clinging to it for now …

  9. Old man here. All of that subcontinent's cultural sickness is destroying you. My really bad times in the past had similar cultural roots. I'm happy and fulfilled today, because i dragged myself through the bad times and re-examined everything I hold dear. I hope things will change for your too.

  10. Omg! Just reading this I feeling second hand stressed for you. I hate these guys who are adults but act like they need people to take care of them. Please please please get out of this relationship. You are not selfish to try to be able to live happily. He is using you and gaslighting you. I can’t believe you tolerated 4 years of this crap. Please run ! And best of luck for you.

  11. Im so happy for you! Can you keep us updated please? How many hairs do you lose per day now? Do you think it was the spironolactone that makes the difference? Sorry for my English, it’s not my mother language

  12. Hi, thanks :) of course. That’s why I posted here. I honestly am not sure if it’s the spiro or if it was self limiting. I wanna see if i shed again in 8 months. Because I had 8 months gap in my last shedding and the most recent shedding. If it happens again I guess spiranolactone is not helping. I did have a dread shed with spiro though. Also I tried to not count my hair when I was shedding as it will give me too much anxiety. The couple of time I tried to comb and count my hair thoroughly it always will be 300+. Right now I’m the morning after combing I shed 10-15.

  13. My shedding started after 3 weeks and continued for a month. It was horrible. Hundreds of hairs every time I touched my hair.

  14. I think it stopped shedding. Last couple of days I barely shed. I am gonna wash my hair tomorrow and then I will know for sure.

  15. I've been on spiro since 2018, it has done nothing for my hair loss, sadly :( I started on 25 mg, then 50, now on 75 as of last winter.

  16. I have read and also my doctor said that the therapeutic dose for hair loss ranges from 100-200 mg.

  17. There really isn’t, unfortunately. But you should definitely talk you your doctor about these side effects. Especially after two months time

  18. I shed considerably more from my left side than right side.

  19. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You will figure out a solution that works for you and it will get better. Hang in there! Sending you support.

  20. Would you share the link from wherever you bought it from :)

  21. I take 100mg Spiro daily and have no real noticeable side effects :) I get dizzy when I stand up sometimes but I also am bad about eating right so idk if I can blame the Spiro…

  22. How long did your shed with spiro last ? :( it’s been a month for me and it’s not slowing down

  23. Oh no :( gosh that seems like a long time. I’ve let mine get sooo bad before starting I literally cannot afford to lose any in a dread shed. How soon after you started did you notice more being lost? And how do you quantify it?

  24. May be 3/4 weeks in. Before spiranolactone I was counting hair in strands. After 3 weeks it got so horrible I am losing in clumps. 100x worse. So that’s how I estimate I guess

  25. If he’s on PEDs then 💀 otherwise I’d go to the hospital cause shit like that can be serious af especially if they twist

  26. Id get that shit looked at asap then, if he ever gets a sharp pain without or whenever really get him to ER asap since it can be testicular torsion which can result in him losing a testicle if not treated

  27. Thank you so much. I talked with him about scheduling and usg asap.

  28. Did he check for hair miniaturization? Have you done any blood test to check out if is something hormonal or some kind of deficiency?

  29. Yes. He didn’t find any sign of miniaturization so far. He said most of the follicles have 2/3 hairs. He saw few with 1 hair. I checked free and bound testosterone, blood count, hemoglobin, thyroid, plasma zinc. All came back normal

  30. Well, indeed a difficult case. Were you sick during or before the shedding started? Did you checked for specific vitamin levels? like D, A, B and E? Might be some kind of vitamin or mineral deficiency that is causing your extense shedding aswell. Did the derm give any reasoning to why you should start spiro?

  31. I wasn’t sick before it started. I always had a bit of anxiety but it has never been super crazy and I am pretty good about managing it. I haven’t checked specific vitamins.

  32. Ugh, that sucks. Truthfully, minoxidil is not that bad, but I think starting spiro before minoxidil was a fair decision for me. Right now, I am experiencing increased shedding, but I'm maintaining my gains with spiro from the past 6+ months. I've also noticed the "root" on my shed telogen hairs seem larger and healthier. Definitely keep taking the multivitamin. I started an HSN multi back in Nov. 2021 and the quality of my hair has improved considerable. This past month, I'm switched to a prenatal vitamin as I believe some of the herbs in my multi might have been a bit much. Nothing wrong with adding Omegas, an iron supplement or low dose Vitamin D for additional support if it's not included with the multi.

  33. Actually it’s a horrible idea to drink coconut water and some fruits as they have high potassium content. The electrolyte imbalance that happens because of spiro is hyperkalemia as it’s a potassium sparing diuretic. So it’s not a depletion of potassium. It’s an excess. So you wanna definitely check green leafy veggies and fruits before eating while being on spiro. It might cause hyponatremia but usually it’s not a huge problem as long as someone is on a healthy diet. Potassium is the only people worry as it messes with heart rhythm. Please drink plenty of water. That should dilute the excess. :)

  34. Has your derm suggested oral minoxidil instead of topical? Maybe switching that out would help! I’ve heard great things. So sorry to hear you’re struggling : (

  35. He did. The shedding was slowing down. So I was postponing on oral OM and was giving spiranolactone a chance. May be I should have started oral right away :(

  36. I am scared to use 2 medications that lower blood pressure at the same time. I wish I knew which one I should pick : oral minox / spiranolactone

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