1. Probably just separated and needs to be shaken up to mix. If it’s too thick, buy and add some nail polish thinner (NOT acetone/remover)

  2. Sounds to me like your polish has merely separated and just needs a really good shake to reincorporate everything back together!

  3. It’s not you, it’s them. It’s likely a BS excuse to start putting you on a performance review process to get you out the door. Rise above and take your talents elsewhere.

  4. During our conversation that my supervisor said "you are not getting fired, but there has to be some ptogress."

  5. In short: yes. Your recommendation letters will carry far more weight

  6. Can a letter of recommendation compensate for my terrible GRE score?

  7. Does the program you're applying to require the GRE? Mine didn't and I got accepted with a horrible undergrad GPA and a non-graded masters program. I think my SOP, letters of recommendation and work experience made up for it in my case. I'm also in education, btw.

  8. Initially, it did; however, as mentioned in the post that the department is eliminating GRE for 2023. That is why I wonder if GRE holds any weight at this point.

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