1. Yeah its like the price of a baneblade and its just the gun, no crew so you can’t even use it (I don’t think)

  2. Think the rules say the crew aren't technically part of the model, the arty piece itself is the model that's targetable.

  3. Weirdest interpritation of Resevoir Dogs I've seen

  4. Yea all the other Krieg guardsmen have gold masks so I felt I should leave his lead belcher.

  5. Wondering the same. Either it's some good photoshop or I haven't been informed about the new releases 0.o

  6. "Leading them is a new Primaris Lieutenant, the most flexible lieutenant kit we’ve made to date. This version unlocks a wide variety of build options, including the much-requested power fist"

  7. Especially the one where Paris and Janeway become lizards

  8. We have gnelves and gnoblins, but gnowing GW we most likely will gnot.

  9. I thought it was weird than no-one mentioned TF|2 in the comments, but then 90% of the comments are blueticks saying "W"

  10. It would be more accurate if they had classified documents to up the realism

  11. Funny you should say that because he happens to voice

  12. "I fear no man. But that, thing? It scares me."

  13. I'm half tempted to see the satalite view but I'm scared to know what it looks like irl

  14. You technically lose once London is lost. The AI doesn't know how to get to the Isle of Man.

  15. Ok then right-click and exit the map. Built a command center first though.

  16. How do I build a command center? I just got the game earlier today.

  17. Select the Handler, right-click and select the build option

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