1. Yeah he threw... It ain't like he was mainstream like yb or Kodak black... He gotta do 85 percent on dam near 8 years. Dats like six years dats 2 long mfs gone 🐝 done forgot about dude..

  2. Also bro was getting trash after I can say summer 2020

  3. plus 41 doesn’t actually involve in street activities according to a lot of people that know them so it won’t be an actual beef

  4. Wait till something major happens they go post Rah Gz death video on a song soon 🙃

  5. Didn’t like that Kenzo b dissed Danny when she didn’t have to but this fire

  6. This shit is so stupid, all because Kyle didn’t do a feature 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Man said taking over there’s no taking over lmao drill is rinsed was fun while it lasted. Nobody is replicating this era. Most of these guys are dead, riding bird for a long time or in and out. Genre is done

  8. Remember when it died in 2018 then other people brought it back 2019

  9. Bro was a fucking crashout and threw his career away, who tf was he sliding on?

  10. Glad he good, can’t have more people losing they lives 💯💯

  11. That’s why I’m starting to dislike clock 🤣🤣

  12. niggas say the gdk cuz they actually beef with gds & no drill rapper said bdk in they songs. the smoking on opps shit y’all started that but niggas do it everywhere now. We don’t dress like y’all we was wearing monclers & amiris before yall. names I’ll admit niggas copied the names but so did fredo santana & y’all copied atl niggas as well so everbody gets influenced

  13. Exactly there was even some animosity and tension during the ASAP-Beast Coast era 💀

  14. Bruh they chose to do it 💀💀💀 they made the bed now they lie in it 😂

  15. They are cooked oh my goodness. We never seen anything like it.

  16. I hope the person nsfw it and anything relating to the footage gets nsfw as well I’m not tryna see that shit

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