My phone interview with Taco Bell

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  1. I don’t think people understand what’s happening in the tech industry. It’s not just tonal every start up is prepping for a recession.

  2. I think everyone’s careers are different and some allow for flexibility and others you need to be on during certain hours.

  3. When an email comes in addressed to me, I feel the urge to respond immediately. I don’t want anyone to think I’m slacking, to answer it for me or text me about answering it. Part of it is my own hangup. That’s why I feel more at ease with a 5/6am workout although I’m free to workout whenever I want.

  4. You should really rethink that strategy in general. Usually you need to be in deep thought to get high valuable work done.

  5. Really disappointed just got into these and their product releases have got me thinking I will never buy another one.

  6. I'm really hoping that it's just them trying to make up for lost profits because they stopped yearly Ms but who knows. It's not making them look good though.

  7. I don’t think so this seems like it switched from engineering to business.

  8. I don’t get what’s wrong with this? Likely the “it’s close to home” means I will quite in 3 weeks and their job will then be to hire and train a replacement.

  9. I had a buddy get denied, because some do require medical documentation.

  10. Just got it last week. It’s been the only purchase in a long time I have not regretted. For a matter of fact it exceeded my expectations.

  11. It’s a big oversight and how the majority of men want to work out. In programs+ they’re forcing you to do full body workouts every time. That’s not how most men workout. They want “legs day” “arms day” etc. You can see this when you go to the gym people always fall into the same patterns ie, doing their chest day on Monday. It’s a big oversight to not include isolated muscle groups like how most men want to work out. Hope they change it.

  12. This is an example of someone who say a product and thought “I can do that better”

  13. Call your bank and tell them fraud, your paying for an item that was never delivered.

  14. I was told by a budtender that the company will try to stock locally dispensaries if you ask for products

  15. We're being lazy and I say it again most of our stuff is based from legal companies in other states. We rebrand a lot. I feel like the lusters are abused in the case of the luster pod think about it this way the pod it self is probably easy to fill and sell. Cheap pod with a battery most companies don't have to provide. That oil could be conserved a lot more if someone would improve the battery but most of the companies jumped on the pods to make a quick dollar.

  16. Just got an Omni, the Obsidian special edition version along with an Apollo 2 IH!! Had my first proper session last night!!

  17. Can’t add any comment as I’m Very much a noob!! I think the IH definitely helped, was leaving it in a second or 2,beyond the clicking! I had used the lighter the night before and results were way more mixed. But it was my first season! But last night, honestly the experience was so different to the IQ2 with the same herb!! Just maybe stick with it, try a few different techniques?!?

  18. Don’t be excited for the first time. It takes about 10 sessions to really enjoy it.

  19. Damn it. Story of my life

  20. I believe it was just a small pre release so expect more but still seems to be in high demand

  21. Just drive main roads at busy times. Not cop on I75 can cherry pick cars unless you give ‘em a reason. Drive with traffic and use the waze app. No issues ever

  22. Unless its medical. You can buy MI medical if you have an OH med card.

  23. It’s not the problem with buying it’s coming back to OH with it and if they discover you bought in Michigan and traveled across the border.

  24. You’re putting the cap on the heat and then removing it waiting a second or two the putting it back in trying to warm the entire bowl evenly and not too fast as to combust what’s closest to the tip

  25. Alright I will test it out, I figured there was a way and dropping it in would be to easy lol

  26. Lmao. I do, I have my own. Entry level is typically the cheapest which has been the BB series for a few years now. It also has a hit more similar to pipes and blunts. The welcome kit is still pretty new and it totally wasn't/isn't how people tend to recommend them.

  27. You have me there. Lol. That's a good reason you should have added to your parent comment :P they are a good deal no matter what model it has.

  28. I agree the M isn’t anything “cool”. Gets the job done and looks different than most things to smoke out of. I said this in other threads, if I worked for dynavap they really need a $20-30 version.

  29. At the price of wood, I’ll take my time and dig through the pile. Honestly I just had to buy 80 2x4 and it looked like this.

  30. I don’t know any but I agree dyna needs to come out with a $30 option. I don’t know why they don’t just take a tip and cap with a cheap body.

  31. Typically this is referred to as moonlighting.

  32. Thanks, I am salary so yea 60hr is just how I am wired and will disclose it with my manager.

  33. Only thing I have come across is they may want you to disclose it if it is closely related because of IP concerns but other than that who cares.

  34. Appreciate it! They are different verticals and types of work so I think I’m good there.

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