1. indicas do the opposite to me that they do to others. I love to smoke or vape an indica and go do stuff. I feel good cuz my body feels good.

  2. I have a delta 9 cart from a legal state and have also had anxiety from HHC .

  3. 36f here. I love indicas, and indica dominant hybrids. I am all about the body high with a bit of head high. Sativas make me rush, then crash like I'm coming down from meth.

  4. One of the problems is calling it “pot”. Same as “weed or marijuana”. It’s cannabis.

  5. Lol I love perfume. I think perfume is one of those things that is so personal and most of the time no one will recognize the scent anyways. And to be fair, I’ve definitely noticed a difference cost wise in the quality… my Maison Francis Kurkdijian lingers on the clothing for days!!!! Not so with my cheaper every day perfumes.

  6. Right! I wear a lot of l'artisan parfumeur (mid range basically but would definitely qualify as "expensive perfume" for those who aren't into perfume) and people just tell me " I smell good." Their reaction would be the same if I were wearing some $5 body spray or something that's $500 like amouage. ETA: I don't personally like B4540 but you're so right about the quality!

  7. I love his “Grand Soir” perfume. I could literally only wear that to sleep and feel happy lolol. But yeah I agree Baccarat rouge sucks. Lol I know everyone and they mama has it but I love Le Labo Santal 33, not for me but as a men’s cologne

  8. Oh I haven't smelled that one but I've read lots of people saying they love it. I'll really have to sniff that one out!

  9. I really appreciate both responses. I guess for me the terms "love" and "connection" feel quite vague, I'm not really sure if I could accurately identify them irl. And anyways, how do you know if you have a connection if not through your feelings?

  10. Clearly there's something there still. I'm sorry your parents didn't model a good relationship for you. I always thought my parents had the perfect marriage, and I acted toward my husband the way my mom treats my dad, and found my husband asking me why I had no respect for him. I then realized my mom backbites my dad all the time. She "loves" him, sure. But she resents a lot of what he does and disrespects him, and I'm not sure if my brilliant but oblivious Autistic dad has any idea. I've had to reevaluate how I talk to, and talk about, my husband cuz not only do I love him, I do respect and admire him, and I want him to feel it.

  11. "Love" isn't a feeling, but "like" is. Love is a decision, and I made the conscious decision to love the man I ended up marrying. We had plenty of conflict, physical fights, drug addiction, homelessness, etc. but we stuck by each other through it all, and came out the other side better people with a stronger marriage. Realistically I recognized my window(s) to get out of my relationship before we got married but I was already committed to him. My husband told me in front of our friends that he wanted a divorce... one month into our marriage. But he didn't follow through. The commitment of marriage offers a sense of security and familiarity that living together in a marriage-like state may not.

  12. Let's switch up your hypothetical. A woman finds a stray kitten. She brings it home to a squalid house filled with 100 other dying or dead animals. She believes that all she needs to do is love and provide milk to the cat and doesn't understand why her kitties keep dying. No one discovers the 100s of dead animals until the woman herself perishes under a mountain of newspapers.

  13. We already have laws in place where a concerned neighbor can call the authorities if they suspect that an animal's welfare is at risk.

  14. NGOs give out cell phones nowadays. Many communities without electricity have cell phones.

  15. Yes I thought so. But I get downvoted cuz I said many people even in 3rd world countries have and use smart phones.

  16. In many places they do! Have you never seen pics of dirty people in rags and flip flops, and a smartphone in their hand? I use quora a lot and talk to many people who refer to their village in India. Also there are many Indian redditors on

  17. Oof. We used to live in an apartment that had power issues with the wind and rain, but it never stayed off more than an hour or two. Hopefully you don't get much weather there!

  18. It happens a few times a year. A year ago the power stayed off nearly 72 hrs but thankfully that is unusual, maybe once every couple years does that happen. It goes off for several hrs 2-3x/year.

  19. Our power goes off every time we have rain with a little bit of wind. It usually stays off around 6 hours. Sometimes as long as 24, and rarely (but sometimes) longer. Can confirm the wisdom in keeping your freezer and fridge closed!


  21. Lmao. I didn't do any of that shit and I'm fine. Hell I was literally on the streets during the "worst" of it, living with dirty, nasty people, eating out of dirty, and shared, dishes, smoking out of the same pipe as some guy with half his teeth, etc. I did everything you weren't supposed to do, and a year after I got a place, did I finally get sick for a week and a half. I do use ivermectin against any viral disease, including the common cold. I also strongly believe in vitamin d, zinc, apple cider vinegar, and elderberry juice.

  22. How is saying the words "no offense" going to make me any less offended after you casually insult me? Good night.

  23. If I have to travel so far that I run into other preppers or a community, I failed as a prepper.

  24. Ikr? Almost everyone in my rural farming community is a "prepper" to one degree or another, whether or not they use the term themselves.

  25. Thanks, gross stranger. She didn't. There are literally endless adoptable children in the world if she did. Our family thinks preventing uterine cancer is more important than preserving fertility. We don't care about some gross pure bloodline.

  26. I taught my daughter not to sleep around. Maybe you should have done the same. And bloodline? Lol. You said that, not me. Thanks anyway Karen.

  27. And you have NO data to back up that claim. What is in it that's poisonous? You have no idea. Have you looked at the publicly available ingredient list? Have you looked at the reactivity data that shows how well tolerated it is and what the side effects are? Do you know how long mRNA takes to be fully metabolized, what it's metabolized into? If you answer those question and realize you're wrong, is your argument going to be "they're lying"?

  28. O arbiter of misinformation lol. Aluminum for one as a toxic substance in vaccines. I guess HEK 293's toxicity might be up for debate, but the revulsion...

  29. It’s like 1/3 to 1/4 as strong. Nowhere near half my guy. I’d say more like a quarter.

  30. Lol, it's consistently between half and 2/3 for me. D8 is much more economical. D9 carts from the dispensary are $18 and up. I bought like 60 g of d8 for about $60. Even if it's half as potent, the economicality of d8 is much more than d9.

  31. There’s no way it’s 1/2 let alone 2/3’s. Again I can hit a delta 8 cart and then 10 times and don’t get nearly as high as 2 off a real dispo cart of 9.

  32. I agree with you (except the potency part). A d9 dispensary cart lasts me about 9-10 days. (I'm not a power user lol) and a d8 cart lasts about 5 days. That's how I judge the potency with my own body and physiology. And I have fucked myself up on d8 edibles.

  33. Fire starters are generally easy to use.

  34. As a person who has a woodstove for household heating, I can confirm this is true.

  35. Prepping is having lighters or matches sufficient to handle a reasonable disaster.

  36. You're right. Prepping and survivalism are sort of related fields, but definitely not the same thing. I'm mainly just stocking up on food and household goods in my basement.

  37. *prepper'ed (yeah I know the apostrophe is incorrect. Just included it for "clarity.")

  38. I didn't say I didn't eat it. Just that it was gross

  39. I thought I said the issue, it was room temperature and clearly been sitting unrefrigerated for hours, it was the worst pizza I've ever had.

  40. We love cold pizza at our house. I have eaten 2 or even 3 day old unrefrigerated pizza and it was fine.

  41. Well, if someone is angry, and they’re anti-communist, are they not an angry anti-communist?

  42. Nah, you should probably just read more because there’s plenty of information out there. You can start by reading this book:

  43. Angry and anti-communist don't necessarily go together, and certainly not when used in the ad hominem way you are.

  44. That’s crazy to hear as it’s always been the opposite for me. Was a heavy D8 user last year and passed multiple at home test but when I took a lab test for a job I failed. Cannaclear was my main go to so I wonder if that’s why

  45. Paul Stamets says that taking the fruiting body has an effect so opposite to neuroregenerative on brain cells, that they're experimenting with using it for glioma patients.

  46. The people who are still sick beg to differ with him, he doesn't wanna anger those people probably.

  47. Yes I agree. I thought declaring it over was a bit premature but what do I know?

  48. I would be delighted to be wrong. I asked if someone may change their mind. Because it has been approved by month, I was told it is possible but highly unlikely. I had believed that HHS expending the PHE meant the benefits would continue. I wish Inslee would at least think of Xmas.

  49. We're getting $200 extra food stamps per month? I'm in WA too. My son and a are getting approx $450. Is that in it?

  50. It's crazy how some food banks discrimate as well, I volunteer at one in my town and we got a sudden influx of volunteers one year, turns out the salvation army started telling people to turn away non Christians and single men as they "don't deserve help"

  51. I hate (not really) to be an asshole but the salvation army can go suck a thousand dicks...

  52. They never stole from me when I was an addict!!! But they always gave me food and served hot meals in the evenings, and sometimes I went to their clothing bank. I have nothing but praise for my local sa. I'm sure they're different everywhere, but just because one's bad doesn't mean they all are.

  53. I don't get it, is there like an invisible force field stopping you from going in or something?

  54. Op said they're intimidated by the 15-20 min interview their food bank's website said.

  55. I will look into this. It sounds better because the main reason I am afraid to go into this one is because on the website it says they do a 15-20 minute interview... I kinda don't want to talk to anyone

  56. Is it a public (government funded) or private (i.e., run out of a church, for example) food bank, or can you tell?

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