1. Focus on the results and why it's important clinically or in real life ... And discussion ... Future areas of research and research gap ...

  2. Animals precisely ... Some do adopt gold fishes too i guess

  3. Ask the gf before you do anything or say we do this .. what is expected from me here

  4. Grand parents okay ... But usually they don't expect this .. it's okay to do it but be prepared for them to act weird

  5. I used gt + flex for optimum tables... It still needed work and publisher redid it all as per their style later after acceptance

  6. You don't need to be asking this Q. You are just too nice

  7. These are some oodals ... It is okay to say therila sometimes and surrender ..

  8. I think that’s why therapy is required because nothing is wrong with the guy

  9. Even though nothing is wrong .... One may still not like the guy or don't feel like connecting for long term and it is totally fine... AM will not always end with butterflies in stomach...

  10. You are taking a practical decision. As long as you can keep a good company it will work. But you need to be taking efforts to be there. If you spend time long enough you will develop a bond which will help things run. Being empathetic and being available physically and emotionally is important in a marriage.

  11. Talk ... Keep talking and listen and try to emulate or replicate the sounds. That's how kids learn ... By the ear.

  12. Assuming you are a guy, find a 'tamil' girl you like in your office and tell her that you want to practice your tamil.

  13. Instructions unclear, my North Indian office crush says she doesn't know Tamil and can't give her number.

  14. Was stuck at mangaain commentor OP but this kottai caught be off guard ... Literally,😂😂😂

  15. Nagini nu oru serial ... Athu vum ithoda related ilaiya /s

  16. Overall if asked be prepared to have justifiable answer... Any gaps and mishaps in academic career can be questioned and it isn't something to be worried about to have supplem..

  17. She took aetcom classes on "how to deliver bad news fo patient" i can't even

  18. I personally don't know why theory attendance or even internal exam marks are used as criteria for sitting for exam. If it's cbme ideally one should look at the practical skills and attendance.

  19. It is more prevalent than we know. But it is usually not known or spoken in that sense of the word

  20. I am a girl with no close female girl friends in college. Mainly because first 3 years I only used to spend time with my ex plus some other issues from the relationship which made me lose all the female friends I had. Feels really bad and I feel like I just can’t befriend another girl so easily even if I have 2-3 guy friends.

  21. FOMO in this is painful but don't worry, don't try too hard. Just focus on finding good friends and be gender agnostic. Good friends should be based on their quality and not gender.

  22. If someone was not sarcastic saying Chennai men are undesirable, I will just have to assume they are blind to some extent 🙃

  23. I’m relieved to know this !! And on the verge of taking your sister’s path 😂

  24. Go for car first and ask to get two wheeler license along with that... You will manage and cycle can be done side by side.

  25. Do not get caught in the trap of "despaired because not getting matches." You just need one proper match and irrespective of whether you get one or 1000 matches you will end up marrying just one. Quality is more important here than quantity.

  26. The food option is at the bottom.. Most press send interest like swiping right in dating apps. May be ....

  27. The good old Le Cafe ... It is one of the 24 hours cafe

  28. I'll listen :) I'm interested in listening to sad stories .... 'Freudenschade' laam Illa

  29. Purely for academic and information purposes only

  30. Sai residency, we paid 3500 for big room with 2 double beds, so u can check the rates with them it's right n market place, everything s walkable distance. We booked via agoda, but I think u wl get a better deal by calling them directly.

  31. Usually direct calls don't give better deals ... Only those with good negotiation bargaining skills do... I know only few who have done that..

  32. We too booked via agoda, they told us to book direct next time, they hv to pay commission to these guys I guess. So they prefer direct booking. We can check both ways n compare.

  33. And why did I suddenly think of that song Ra Ra Ready?

  34. Perhaps destiny wants you to sing that song in the meet up ;)

  35. OH GOD NO. Please. Anything but me singing that song.

  36. Technique is pretty okay. I think I might get someone professional to take a look at my technique first. Probably needs a bit tweaking here and there. But I get what your saying. Thanks for the advice

  37. Where are you swimming and how is the water ? What is the cost ?

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