1. Recently had some The Soap from galenas, shit was mad dense and gunked up my grinder!

  2. Late to the party but do your lr carts from them seem to be more runny than other brands or types of oil? Had a lime sherbert from them that was had the consistency of like vape juice basically, would move really easily. Hit fine though

  3. yea i also had lime sherbet , very runny but tasted great. It really just depends i’ve had LR oil from BR that didn’t move like Eager Beaver.

  4. How's the smell on your SSO? I find it to be one of the stinkiest sativa's in our program and thankful it also doesn't smell like the typical fruity stuff -- it can smell offensive like some good GMO.

  5. picked up a 2.83 jar of SSO and was blown away by the smell and effects , the smell was very stinky, cheesy type smell.

  6. I got that same one in huron awhile ago. It had like five or six months between processing and packaging also. It's the only one strain that seems to be like this. And it's always the rosin cart that's priced lower than the rest. I asked the budtender girl about it and she either pretended she didn't know or didn't know why it was so long.

  7. yea seen that also, it was the cheapest one (probably why) so i figured to try this one out before Tally Mon, def getting Tally Mon next

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