1. This is almost exactly the same photo, signatures etc of a charity giveaway its uncanny..

  2. They didn’t make Lateralus using the Fibonacci sequence. It was incidental.

  3. It wasn't incidental. Maynard's lyrics are sung in the fibonacci sequence if you count the syllables.

  4. The music came first and they realized the Fibonacci sequence and Maynard wrote the lyrics to play off the music.

  5. Very, very solid album- however misses the highs that you can find on the previous 3.

  6. I can appreciate the musicianship, but they’re not a band I really like.

  7. They could take a page out of Metallica’s book- Announce a world tour, drop a single, announce an album along with the date with no heads up.

  8. It won’t be long before we see this design in the TOOL store on a pair of pajamas and coffee mugs

  9. With all the cash grabbing from this dumb ass merch, it’s probably not long before we hear their music in shows and commercials.

  10. Elder, King Buffalo, SpaceSlug have all been my fall back bands the past few years.

  11. The last 1.5 minutes of Catastasis is god tier- great fucking album!

  12. Pepsi is the new sponsor of all the new TOOL merch we’ve been seeing.

  13. Maybe your brother would appreciate some real TOOL merch that is affordable over bootleg stuff.

  14. Find a Weber Kettle. I’ve had mine outside, uncovered for a decade. No rust and works like a champ. The beauty of the Weber kettle is the mods you can purchase…like the Slow N Sear which turns the kettle into a legit smoker.

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