1. Father shot her as she slept. Then, murdered the mother. There were warning signs but there wasn't enough action taken as the mother told protection services she would be filing for divorce. Awful stuff.

  2. This story always breaks my heart. So many signs of abuse, and poor Judith still ended up dead. In a better world, she'd have be placed with a loving foster family and her dad would have drank himself to death.

  3. I'm kind of in the same boat. I just totaled a 2014 Chrysler Town & Country. Everybody was ok, but it was an awesome van so I'm pissed about needing to buy something. My van never broke down or anything like that. The only issues I ever had were with the seat warmers and steering wheel warmer which both broke twice. Otherwise all good. And it held up really well in the accident, so I still feel safe. I had 106K miles and got just under $12k from insurance, so looking to spend under that. I get you're looking for something newer, but for $10K you might find something a little older but just as good. Best of luck!

  4. My first car was a 2000 Dodge Neon and it ran pretty well until about 2015. I just recently hit 250K on my 2008 Nissan Quest and I feel like she’s running on borrowed time. I have nothing against domestic cars, but I don’t want to get handcuffed to something that’s going to have a lot of issues.

  5. Just feed the dog enough wood chips to make a decent amount of gold and then hand him off to the FBI.

  6. Florida property insurance is a mess right now and its not getting any better. Theres nothing you or your agent can do other than shop around and have realistic expectations that premiums will continue to rise for the next few years.

  7. Too true. I paid $530 a year for the past 2 years on my home insurance. Now, my rate is $1100. No claims, new roof, and small square footage. Florida is nuts right now.

  8. Yeah, I read that he was always paranoid that his wife was going to leave him, and some sources state that right before he killed them, he saw packed boxes in the garage and became enraged since he believed that meant they were about to move out, and he may have decided to kill them because of that.

  9. Sucks that multiple people noticed Judith suffering but couldn’t LEGALLY do anything because the mother was too scared to get herself and Judith away from the father.

  10. To this day, this story still breaks my heart. Child Protective Services was fully aware that she was being abused, but Judith’s mother didn’t accept their help. Why are people making the safety of a child a secondary priority?!?

  11. I always show up EVERY Saturday night to work in unloads because that’s what the app tells me to. Without fail I get moved somewhere else.

  12. I would attempt to contact them and give them the money, the gift of the house for so cheap is generous enough. I would feel bad and guilty if I didn't make a serious attempt. If they couldnt be found or passed away i would be be able to use it. Mostly for small day to day cash purchases that couldnt be tracked

  13. You have a big heart! I wish I had an award to give you but I’ll give you an upvote instead.

  14. I would create several springs in my state, therefore increasing tourism, and have the state pay me a percentage.

  15. Find a local woman who looks decent and knows how to farm, marry her, and work together to make the farm thrive.

  16. The story trends on social media and causes the song to get more downloads. 50 starts raking in more royalties.

  17. Well you'd have to define illness. If aging is an illness then that's a no brainer. Hell I'd give up that to cure aging for myself.

  18. I would classify aging is just a natural part of human life. Ideally, everyone in the world would just simply die from old age where your body parts simply stop functioning after you hit your 80s or 90s.

  19. Very insensitive post to signify being quadriplegic as the ultimate sacrifice. People who are quadriplegic will no doubt read this and have the indication that they are viewed as having a life so unimaginably bad individuals wouldn't end all world illnesses/ diseases.

  20. Not everyone has the strength to handle suddenly being quadriplegic. Some people would rise to embrace their situation, while others might struggle from loss of mobility. That’s just reality.

  21. Imagine the time spent on bickering over hot pockets with an ex’s roommate, and holding shit of hers hostage.

  22. I agree. OP has a right to be upset, but not “livid with rage”. Plus, if they were that valuable, I wouldn’t have forgotten them in someone else’s fridge.

  23. NAH. It sounds like the two of you need to sit down and come up with a mutual understanding of how your commutes should go. Nobody likes a backseat driver.

  24. NTH. If your little brother doesn’t have respect for the property of others, then he has no right to be upset when you don’t let him use something that belongs to you.

  25. I wish for a billion dollars but all in one hundred bills

  26. Make sure you specify the type of currency; there are other countries in the world that have dollars.

  27. We definitely would, lest they figure out how to operate guns, automobiles, and other forms of technology to retaliate against us.

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