1. At ours they empty out the food, clean the containers apparently and set aside for you to get later 😂

  2. Well this is gonna be hard filming this but I’ll give it a shot.

  3. I'm pretty sure mask mandates have ended so there is no reason for this person to be bitching about anything

  4. It’s not supposed to start until a couple hours before I leave. I mainly did it so I didn’t have to drive home in it, and because of my kids. They are now virtual tomorrow so I would have gotten no sleep.

  5. I currently have 16 hours and 32 minutes and I’m getting the same message.

  6. I have 14 with the same message as well. Just don’t go negative

  7. I’ve never come close. I budget my time for what I need at the beginning of the year then use the remaining time as needed.

  8. You’re a special kind of stupid ain’t ya? January 31st is the latest date we get them they have no obligation to get them any sooner. Would you like to speak to a manager too Karen?

  9. No. I have too much shit to do between 8am and 8pm on my days off that dosen't get done on my work days. Take kids to school. Grocery shop. Pick kids up. Clean house I've been putting off since I sleep all day on my work days. I go to bed Saturday night, wake up Sunday morning do a few things around the house, nap at 4 or 5 go in at 8.

  10. Trust me, the washer action isn't fall-shut down close, but it's the smoothest washer knife you'll ever handle.

  11. Really? Mine is a 3” Cheka on washers and it takes at least a little movement to get it to shut. My definition of fall shut is that it closes by doing nothing more than disengaging the lock.

  12. Definitely. Hell I have a bug out on washers that’s fall shut. You tune and lube it right it definitely and has for me before when I had one.

  13. I work my ass off and basically get VTO whenever it’s available so it must suck to suck 😂

  14. Do you have a link to the state law? There are municipal laws in Philly and Pittsburgh but I can’t find a state law.

  15. Hey at least the people tried. Even though Amazon screwed everyone 🤷‍♂️

  16. Yo bro on Jan 1st 2023 we get ten hours of pto? Like is that for all employees that work warehouse ?

  17. That’s full time employees at fulfillment centers. Not sure about anyone else.

  18. Also another question so if I didn’t show up today and go negative,can I use that Jan 1st 10 hour frop for it will I be okay to do that ?

  19. I mean you can roll those dice I suppose. Wouldn’t be the first person.

  20. Meanwhile they told us they will excuse time tonight if we miss 🤷‍♂️

  21. Just as bad as all these dudes wearing shorts about as long as my boxers. This “fad” needs to die.

  22. Lol every December this comment pops up. There are states that let you rollover 48 hours of pto to the next year. Mine is one of them.

  23. I had a wardrobe malfunction the other day, but I didn't leave mine lying around. I stuffed that in my jacket so noone could see it. 😂😂

  24. Look. I'm not saying she's in the right for doing that, but I get it.

  25. Ahh I see, and I do pick most of the time anyways. Just was curious if it was normal, and I’d vto but our site hasn’t done vto since peak started when they let too many people go home and ended up being short staffed the rest of the day.

  26. My god you sound like you work with me. Same shit here 😂

  27. Nope. Not pretending I know about your life. I’m just stating a fact. You’re cynical and thinking of disasters that won’t actually happen. You’re overreacting.

  28. Just give it up. Debbie downer doesn’t care. I totally agree though.

  29. Exactly my point lol. I didn’t know either. Never worked anywhere that offered paid time off.

  30. For our building there was a message that said 2022 PTO hours would roll over into 2023 but any PTO hours from 2021 would be lost and not rolled over into 2023.

  31. Man I fucking wish they gave us VTO. We just came off 12 hours last week to go on 11’s this week.

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