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  1. You can switch the default currency to BTC btw

  2. Why do people demonize others for actually using warmode for its original purpose, letting players retain the flavor of past pvp servers with an option to toggle it off whenever.

  3. I feel no guilt when war mode is on. I used to sometimes feel bad about ganking and picking fights. With war mode? No way. You opted in, and you’re getting an xp reward for taking a risk.

  4. You are the bummer on WoW society, not the risk. You're trying to deny the player base a flat free bonus, which would make us all more efficient. Which means you don't appreciate efficiency, which says a lot about your attitude towards gaming in general and WoW. A real player wouldn't have the time to do that shit.

  5. Been using VD for a long time and didn’t know this was option. Thank you 🙏

  6. You spend enough time thinking about this guy that you’re making memes about him?

  7. So if it goes private for say 25$, and u hold 75 10$ calls, would u receive 15$x75?

  8. Nice. Does that happen automatically or we have to enable it on the pc ?

  9. Pretty sure you can set it on a per game basis within steam vr.

  10. I gave a bunch of these away on Superstonk and have some left over that I'm putting up on loopexchange. I had hoped to get approved on the GS marketplace, but I think my stuff is too DRS and stonk focused for them.

  11. When you put it like that it really is amazing. The soar ability has to be one of the greatest things this game has ever done. For the first time in a long time I really feel this kind of special magic with the game like I’m experiencing a magical world that I want to just fly around and explore.

  12. Question because maybe I’m doing it wrong - is it possible to fly indefinitely with soar? Because as fun as it is, I feel like buzz lightyear just falling with style after I’ve used all my boosts.

  13. This guy gets it - self custody of BTC and DRSing your shares is the way.

  14. The new mechanics are super cool. It's another winner. Walkabout Mini Golf DLC's are consistently day-one, or at least week-one, purchases for me (I often have to wait until the weekend to play).

  15. For sure. They are priced just right and the quality is always stellar. I love that I can bring my friends to a course I purchased. I don’t even hesitate, they are always an instabuy.

  16. Not one visible cable - so clean. 😍

  17. Gotta say it looks polished man, nice work!

  18. I agree with you about the way they've marketed it. The new theme music on the start screen is really well done, too. It immediately evokes a sense of wonder, adventure, and discovery. Props to whoever composed it.

  19. Yep that main theme already feels nostalgic.

  20. Still looks like what I sometimes see on edibles

  21. My daw doesn't have those options to automate. They offer them as effects I can adjust but I'd have to slice it up if the eq levels were different depending on the part of the clip

  22. Ah man sorry to say I’m not familiar at all with that so I can’t advise the least tedious way to go about it

  23. This means your blockfi holdings will be gone and you will probably pay your credit card debt to someone who buys your debt. So you might be double fucked.

  24. I have no BlockFi holdings, so I’m alright.

  25. 👍 I will probably just pay the card in full lest interest accrue and I get truly fucked.

  26. We're thrilled to launch our newest DLC course in partnership with Cyan. MYST is based on the original adventure game and features some fun new mechanics that will tease your brain as well as your putting skills. It's been a blast to bring this course to life, and revisit the island that inspired many of us on the Walkabout team to get into games and animation. Hope you enjoy!

  27. Every course you drop is an instabuy from me. My mates and I spend more time in this game than anything else. Thanks so much for continuing to support it!

  28. That's a good idea. No promises but I'll get it on my radar!

  29. I think its pretty self-explanatory no? Your entire live savings being stored on a flimsy usb dongle and a couple pieces of paper?

  30. Doesn’t have to be either of those things. If you know your seed phrase, you’re good to go. I guess I just see it the other way. Nobody is more motivated to protect my wealth than me, so why give someone else my keys?

  31. My memory is not that good, I forget passwords all the time. The seed phrase needs to be well stored, and there is ALWAYS a chance it gets lost. It is for sure not a good idea to have all my wealth on a crypto wallet, and I think this is true for most people.

  32. Fair enough, and I think you're right that some balance of solutions is what's needed. That said, you might not be giving yourself enough credit with the memory thing.

  33. Didn’t know these existed! Pretty cool thanks for sharing.

  34. I agree with you, yet OP’s post still has me super jacked. Locking entire company should be the goal. 42% in a year ain’t bad holy shit 😂 hedgies are so fukt

  35. I mean either way, we just won’t stop buying shares, right? Price discovery WILL happen and it will be glorious.

  36. It’s almost like superstonkers are actual retail investors.

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