1. Har du endegyldigt lagt enhver tvivl om historiernes validitet i graven?

  2. Jeg kræver at du fortsætter en udgiver en bog i kaffebordsformat!

  3. Hvis du skaffer finansiering, så skriver jeg gerne "Kvalificeret Brok"

  4. This might just be the most horrifying one yet

  5. Præcis det samme segment der stiller sig op i Netto, sidst på måneden, og skriger efter at få åbnet en kasse mere. Prætentiøse pels-Karen'er

  6. I always imagined that air-raid sirens would be the scariest sound to hear. After seeing all these videos, I would be even more horrified to hear the buzzing of a drone.

  7. That's how you do it honestly. The audience member came to a comedy show and knew there might be things said about him, he was ready for it. The comedian acknowledged the thing everybody saw, then initiated the conversation politely, probably to test his limits a bit before going in. Audience guy responds with a banger of his own, ice is broken and all tension is gone. I love people sometimes.

  8. You're completely right, it is as wholesome as it is funny.

  9. This is just ridiculous at this point. Might as well just arm a group of baboons with sticks and send them to the trenches.

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