1. Saved the movie. Always kind of hoped she just played dead in the final act, and just lived life fabulously in witness protection.

  2. Not Ghostface. I like her too much for her to be GF. Maybe a hero in scream 7? Haha

  3. Motive: They made her start smoking again. “Someone’s gonna pay for this!”

  4. The characters are deliberately unlikeable and the eventual “twist” was actually kind of funny and made sitting through the movie kind of worth it. But probably wouldn’t watch again.

  5. The histrionics on the UK version got very grating. I think I only stuck it out because I adore Claudia Winkleman. But to be screaming and crying like that over people you’ve known for a few days? Wtf.

  6. Most reality shows coach their players to say “week” when describing one episode cycle to make sense for the viewing audience.

  7. Brandi is remarkably astute. She’s just her own worst enemy. As a HWs fan, I was actually surprised how well behaved she was lol

  8. Agreed. I’ve always thought Brandi is actually incredibly sharp. She just gets in her own way 100 percent. Having seen her on RH and other shows, her observations are always spot on and she is actually very witty. I think she’s a very sad and fragile person, which is why she acts out the way she does. She also knows what makes good TV to get paid.

  9. So I’m rewatching Scream 5 and I’m wondering if they were dropping cult hints in the opening!!! GF calls Tara and says he’s a friend from her mom’s “group.” Hmmmmm. And then Tara says she loves Babadook because it’s a meditation on motherhood and grief. Could there be some link between their mother and the cult?

  10. Brittney was so freaking iconic. “I lost my dignity on a slippery wiener.” It was after some HOH comp haha.

  11. This trailer was so intense I actually think they might have the balls to kill Gale.. Now I’m REALLY worried about my Kirby!!

  12. I don’t want Gale to die BUT if she does… they better give her the most f**king epic ending in the movie. She is such a badass.

  13. They're a 4 ft 13-year-old girl that just picked up the mask and knife one day and went killin

  14. It’s Ariana Grande. She’s still salty about “Scream Queens.”

  15. They did say it’s going to be more brutal. That, plus the new location, I’m sure is going to give the film a new vibe. Also I’m interested to see where they take this new “family” angle of having the core leads all be siblings (minus Gale). If Sam is the “new” Sidney, I would expect them to kill off Jenna Ortega. Otherwise we have a new dynamic of this double-lead final girl.

  16. I agree. Yes we have the benefit of knowing everything but he was waaaaay too sure of himself. Cocky. Who can know anything 100 percent? He needed to chill out with how certain he was and acting like he was somehow smarter than everyone.

  17. Agreed. Pearl Islands is one of the funnest early seasons to watch.

  18. For those unfamiliar, this is not Cody (Califiore) from the Traitors and Big Brother, this is a different Cody (Nickson) known for being a foil to a very polarizing player and his transphobia. Not a fan of him or this.

  19. He made BB19 so hard to watch. I worried for his mental state. He wasn’t the only bully in that house, but he was sure good at it.

  20. “I dislike everyone else more than I dislike Todd and Amanda. I think they mistake that for friendship.” [grins widely]

  21. There’s a really great low budget flick called “She Creature” with Carla Gugino and Rufus Sewell about a killer mermaid that is a really fun watch.

  22. Aww I liked NZ1 but mainly just for Tom. So much of the cast were so sanctimonious and unlikeable.

  23. When Courtney impersonates him losing a challenge they brought back from S18 on HvV. That moment lives rent free in my head. “Ghhhhhhh!”

  24. once again, radio silence can't execute an air tight script. sloppy.

  25. Not to mention the fact that Sam’s hallucinations of her dad are seeing him how he looked when he died. She wasn’t there lol

  26. I just rewatched recently and I was shocked because when he rips the knife out of her…you hear the blood splatter against the wall behind him. Brutal af.

  27. She was joking. You have to understand Claudia’s sense of humor, when she loves people she is very hyperbolic and is like “You’re never allowed to leave!” She’s been a host for long enough she knows that’s not how reality tv works haha.

  28. For me, it felt like a return to the franchise actually being scary after the comedy that Scream 3 became. That sequel just didn’t feel right for the series. The tone was way too goofy, so when Scream 4 came around and was super dark and gritty, I was happy.

  29. I’m curious if they’re going to introduce us to Sam’s mom. Billy had to have gotten her pregnant when he was dating Sidney.

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