1. god i wish they booked different people. i hate seeing godsmack, breaking benjamin and shinedown at every fest what feels like every year, especially like 20 years past their relevance.

  2. These have been around forever in Florida. In Daytona Beach, there's a flea/farmers market with a guy who has pickle connections althroughout the United States and he had these and they were always a top seller. He has these pucker sour ones made from Lemons and Limes that I think will be the next big thing.

  3. I always can tell if their a bitch if they say "We do these all the time" but only have 5 reviews. And all of them are probably 1*

  4. Straight up one of the best albums this year. The song with Iris.exe is one of the best songs of the year. This album is the same feeling I get when playing Halo:ODST. The feeling of walking through a city that has been demolished and reliving specific experiences that occurred. Like Return of the Oberdin.

  5. Watch Dogs and Saints Row have probably graduated from "GTA Clone" so i'd say....I guess True Crime.

  6. Yeah it annoys me a lot. It feels the word undermines everything extra these games bring to the table. Saints Row 2 was a GTA clone but had a lot of things that Gta at the time didn't.

  7. Saints row 1 was a game that was in production and sort of like the story of Lamborghini.

  8. Ice Nine Kills. I fell in love with them when I saw them on that Attila/I See Stars tour back in the day and then ever since then I've been a giant fan. I actually think their new sound is still amazing.

  9. This and Billy in 4C bro 💳💳💳💥💥💥💥💳💳💳💳💥💥💥💥

  10. Hardcore dancing is absolutely awesome and should be encouraged

  11. This. It kinda depends on the show. On bands with more of a hardcore background I expect it. But bands that are more "Metal" I would expect more push pits.

  12. Badass. Anyone know if there is there a recording of this where you can hear vocals?


  14. I'll buy them everytime, knowing if they did play it and I wasn't there. I'd literally cry.

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