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  1. I have this anger. No advice, but you aren’t alone and thank you op for making me feel less alone by sharing.

  2. Hey man you either trust it or don’t. Lab test or not, it’s all some internet drugs. Some synthetic ass thc isomers and analogs.

  3. I know what’s the downvote for? Maybe some are legit. I don’t think any of the info they have stated has been entirely untrue by any means. Just a serious concern by OP. Relatable. I just accepted, maybe it’s got heavy metals, pesticides, etc, no way to know, but then we are ALL going down together LMAO Just use less than half the other users and you’ll be better off than 40% of the d8 population😂

  4. I can’t control my intake and it ends up degrading my ability to think clearly and function in society.

  5. You are very clearly in touch with yourself and your boundaries. Respect man!❤️

  6. Beyond the normal stuff (i’m a historian and a teacher, kills my ability to remember things I want to remember and banter with students in the way I want to banter), my lungs were absolutely exhausted. I’ve always coughed a lot more than other people while smoking weed, but lately my body’s been reacting pretty badly to it. Frankly just moving on from 9 years non-stop and finally had a chance to transform my life in other ways. New chapter I guess, even if I yearn for it.

  7. I always knew my one history teacher smoked! This confirmed it! Haha, all jokes aside, Thank you for sharing your experience. I can respect and appreciate the self worth and care you have for yourself and life. You’re fucking awesome!

  8. That's a synthetic cannabinoid, and according to the sites rules it's discussion is not allowed here. Might want to ask the folks over at

  9. Oh shit delta 8 doesn’t categorize as that anymore? Bruh not even being sarcastic I remember last year it was😂

  10. Gotta take what you can get when you live in an authoritarian state like the UAE or Florida

  11. It’s supposed to happen? I’ve been getting these carts for over a year and it’s never happened

  12. Bruh ion even know, my labs fine, my throat fine, and my shits gettin me FRIED. Fuck em💯

  13. Oh yeah it’s still definitely getting me Stoney

  14. Very interesting. I don't know many people who regularly use d8 around me but I've never had any adverse effects from it. I used to suffer from daily panic attacks, horrible social anxiety but it all started to change with 3chi carts. Also OP if you're worried about it, just try full spectrum cbd first and see how it goes. That stuff works great too.

  15. Heard great things about full spectrum! And yeah not much here (Midwest US) either, very experimental in some areas. But from my experience, now I should’ve previously stated that’s with CHRONIC usage. (3-6 D8 carts and about 1000 a week of Eddie’s paired with fair share of D8 dabs in a peak pro) also mind you there were probably 10 times in 2 years I was NOT high more than 6 hours.

  16. Yeah that is chronic usage for sure. I guess it depends on the person and tolerance.

  17. Forsure, unless it’s like SUPER sketch or not tested I jus say smoke it and find out💯

  18. Gladly fellow patient, I simply need one little bit of personal info before doing so --- what primary terpenes does your brain/body prefer ?

  19. You do seem VERY thoroughly taught. May I have ideas of terpenes to look for complete and total mind fuck 6000. Like where is my house, and this how you breathe right? type high

  20. Is there any research for strain tolerance? Never heard of this before.

  21. Im smoking it right now and it’s definitely not that good but I’ve had worse weed on multiple occasions so it’s low-mid in my books

  22. Also means it will never forget

  23. You can’t anymore. And after you let it expire the first time. They make you start buying weed from some website called weedsly that you see in comments all over the place online. And if you don’t, they get you by the neck with one of those things that they catch wild dogs with,, and then they put you in the machine from monsters inc. and if you don’t renew your med card for 7 small payments of 64.95 then they’ll suck you’re screams.

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