1. Idk, I just need to know it’s consensual and know boundaries and I’ll fuck basically anyone

  2. no its a fanfic why would i pay u for a fanfic ?🙄🙄

  3. I’m quite curious about this with all of the interesting metas and such lately, how far in advance are champions designed for LoR?

  4. I managed to bring in Rick and Morty and my own childhood trauma

  5. Honestly, after my first gat experience today I fucken agree

  6. Every game I try to pick learn a hunter with any semblance of a learning curve on their power

  7. The titles what made me start dying of laughter mate-

  8. The patch comes out tomorrow, I’d assume that the expansion is in 1-2 weeks

  9. I will name a minecraft pig whatever you want because I need to keep my spawn set at my current location

  10. Toastiexists, I hear she’s gonna be picking up streaming again soon and she fits the first category and kinda does the second (if you can’t tell this is a self plug)

  11. Locate one local queer, they’ll lead you to a whole pack of them :D

  12. how do i meet them, local art installations, craft beer festivals, roller derby?

  13. Idk, depends on the subspecies of queer you’re trying to find

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