1. So my necklace made of big toes will come in handy after all...

  2. Leave the diabetics alone, dude. They got enough shit to deal with. Like their poorly managed diabetes.

  3. You probably wonder why people pay 200k for a 911 gt2 when you can buy a tiptronic 996 Carrera for 30k huh.

  4. I know you're joking but around 2012 you could pick up a really clean R32 GTR in Canada for about $10k-$15k CAD. The price on all JDMs were rock bottom. Regret not buying an S15 but I already had a GTR and couldn't justify it.

  5. If you saw the skyrocketing price of air cooled 911s before you shouldn’t be surprised about it. Kids who grew up wanting those are hitting their midlife crisis.

  6. You are not wrong. I miss all the JDMs being cheap fun cars. Now, pricewise they are competing with some very serious sports cars. I miss mine every day but couldn't justify spending what they are going for these days.

  7. There are the general Geneva Suggestions though

  8. How tho, there’s ashes in the ash tray, and the dashboard has dust on it. I’ve seen way worse cars, mine isn’t even that dirty. Literally one Clorox wipe will fix this, I didn’t just post a pile full of trash.

  9. Fun fact: Steve did nothing wrong. He was given the wrong envelope. But he took the blame on himself. Respect to Steve Harvey for not throwing others under the bus

  10. Jesus h Christ. I hate when people actually make me defend a politician, especially this politician! But she is referring to the cartels, not the immigrants or refugees. We all saw the video of the weapons the cartels had a couple weeks ago when they arrested El chappos kid. Come on I get democrats hate Republicans and Republicans hate democrats but when you skew stuff like this to fit a narrative, everyone looks stupid. There is enough stupid shit said by both sides that we don't need to make up other shit.

  11. I'm sure the US has enough tanks for both. Sending tanks to Ukraine doesn't leave the border open for the cartels to flood in. If the border becomes that big of an issue, I'm sure the largest military force in the world will be just fine without a few M1's.

  12. The U.S. had made approximately 10,400 M1 tanks. I think we can spare 31. Although that only leaves 10,369 at the border to fight cartels. Nvm I now see we can’t spare the 31.

  13. Man, how will they beat those guys with machine guns when they only have 10,369 tanks? Pack it up, US. You're Mexico now.

  14. Or they take the training and then combine forces and Hollywood gets Titanic'd by a Ceraberg.

  15. Yea it’s a perspective thing too. If you hang out with people that drink or were raised in a drinking family, what this guy is saying about 2 or three tall cans a day sounds very reasonable. Like, “yea ok, so this guy like to have a few beers after work. Two tall cans is nothing.”… but it’s not good, and maybe this guideline helps people see that a little.

  16. There was literally a question on reddit a few weeks back of a dude asking if a 26 of vodka per day was a lot because their booze bag friends and family were saying it was no big deal.

  17. "Free healthcare" is never "FREE". It is paid for either by higher taxes or lower quality care, or, as is common in many places in the world over, higher taxes AND lower quality care.

  18. A show can hate both women and men equally. They are not exclusive. Velma objectivizes both men and women and puts some really toxic views on the show.

  19. It's funny that a show like Paradise PD exists and nobody talks about it but Velma is the most toxic and sexist and most damaging show of our generation.

  20. I wonder how much damage one would suffer trying to swallow that thing

  21. They'll carry you if you refuse to walk, thats it. They know the drill. This is pretty normal in germany, there a pics of police joking and laughing with protestors while carrying them away...americans need some perspective, lol.

  22. That's a fair point. The violence, or lack thereof, isn't what raises red flags to me, though. I'm on board with what she's trying to do.

  23. Aiight, I had the same reaction for the first few seconds. Because it's a stark difference to the one still image of her being carried away, but then rational thought set in, and I put things into context. Some people (not you) are unable to think/feel further than their first reaction. Which feeds into the conservative fear mindset.

  24. Trust me, I hate agreeing with them on anything (I don't agree with the conspiracies but that this looks fishy).

  25. I went to law school just so I could afford to buy a new full sus bike. I'm now $200k in debt but I have the bike!

  26. What the hell kind of testicles have you been messing with?

  27. It was being streamed on live on Facebook. My understanding is that when the stream stops, it effectively saves everything that has been streamed up to that point as a video and anyone with access to that persons ‘wall’ can view the video.

  28. I can't imagine watching a friend's live stream and seeing them die in a plane crash. Fucking horrifying all round.

  29. You’re not going to convince me that there’s enough on this thing to make it safe, it’s a completely new type of technology and it hasn’t been around long enough.

  30. So you have no sources to counter what I posted and now you see the data doesn't back up your world view so you'll adjust it accordingly right?

  31. Honestly if they released it with better graphics, may be in VR, I would buy it again. It’s a good game, and if they made it so that I could step into it, I wouldn’t be mad about that.

  32. I got back into Skyrim a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. As you say, to this day it's still one of the most immersive and consistently satisfying experiences I've ever had in gaming. And because the artistic direction, it still feels and sounds gorgeous. And the fact that any small aspect I don't quite like I can adjust with a mod just keeps it fresh for a very long time.

  33. Playing it in VR has been fucking incredible. You're not just playing Skyrim, you're in Skyrim.

  34. That's a weird way of saying, "I was wrong and will adjust my world view going forward".

  35. This is why we need exceptions for universal health care. In no way should society foot the bill for morons like this.

  36. It already is though. When these morons get fixed up and don't pay their bill your taxes are still covering this.

  37. No. Look at the people in that shit. They are all swinging wild. She could have walked around

  38. Exactly. Dude in the foreground is chucking capoeira kicks. You don't just walk into the middle of this.

  39. We have evidence of microevolution through observation. We have yet to see macroevolution proven through observation where, to use your example, bacteria in a lab become so different from their original state as to become an wholly different life form. Nobody has turned a bacteria into an amoeba or a worm or a shark.

  40. The problem with this is macroevolution is just macroevolution plus time. You're either claiming macroevolution will happen after enough time or you're implying that there's a mechanism that will stop macroevolution from happening when too much microevolution happens.

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