You get a one in a life time opportunity to own your own real life pokemon team, randomly generated. However you can only generate one team and one team only. What pokemon did you get and are you pleased with it?

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  1. EeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEeEEEeEEeeeeEeeee 💀🟦

  2. It happens for all champs, you can see the status of the error in

  3. All Pyke skins are s tier Except blood moon that one is A tier. I’ll die on this hill

  4. I'm sorry yo disagree but I like It a lot, I used It for a long time.

  5. You can request more rp in the riot suport Page by doing a drawing, I did this and got like 70

  6. I love when that happens, its so satisfactory

  7. I started like a year and a half so so and i liked playing thres. I asked a friend about wich Champion could i start playing and recomended me pyke, now, Next year Will be the first year

  8. What? How? When? I have a lot of questions

  9. Groudon rhiperperior Keldeo campanita snubbull Mienfoo

  10. Un supermercado más pero caracterizado por tener una música que es GOD.

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