1. I love it! I would buy just because I think James is a total douche! Go Aldo...the guy is hilarious

  2. Ashley can compete in whatever shows she wants. The argument that Isa or Lauralie could beat Ashley if they were there is somewhat moot because they would likely have different physiques if they competed as often as Ashley does. Her ability to compete so frequently and still beat big competitors is impressive. Ashley beat Isa at the last O, if I remember correctly.

  3. Lol yeah that last show she did was so difficult to win come on this girls ego is through the roof....she has no real competition in any of these shows she does.

  4. This is just someone who is being completely honest. Look at what happened when ahw went up against Isa...If those kind of talent were in the shows she was doing she would not have alot of titles say for example laualie going up against her in these kind of shows...she would get beat. I'm Not a sore loser but the shows are weak. The arnold Uk come on everyone knew she was a clear front runner...put jen dorie in the line up and see what happens. Weak shows just to say she got 39 something title....means nothing...go up against some competition. Just keeping it real.

  5. All those steroids to look and sound like a man...for a 2.00 trophie...That's why bikini will never change and only get more far out. Girls like her that are willing ti change your looks voice and destroy your hormones for what. They all look terrible

  6. Omg who cares....they are in a relationship. It's funny. They were playing around.

  7. Anyone who trains with him are pieces of garbage. Who would give money to that man. Team elite sucks

  8. Anyone who trains with this man are pieces of shit. Great job Team elite for associating with him. Alot says who you are too. Complete morons

  9. 100%- Soneone on bikini talk stated it perfectly. Pigeons fly with pigeons- not eagles. Adam Bonilla very unwisely aligned himself with James.

  10. Also I think Teresa Miller should leave him. I don't think she looks good at all. He will probaly ruin her too.

  11. What a bunch of woke bullshit. Who cares if she said that or not. Big freaking deal. You all need a freaking life

  12. For chrissake...WHY THE HELL DO WE STILL HAVE PEOPLE WHO TALK THIS WAY in 2022??? Megan Long used that same word when describing herself in one of her IG stories. STOP USING THE WORD “EXOTIC” to describe one’s appearance — even your own. Especially if it’s in regards to your enhanced lips 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ You may think it’s cute, but I can assure you — black people who have been called “exotic” don’t find it cute at all.

  13. who are the worst coaches with them in your opinion? I mean, wouldn't every team save the "best" coaches for people that competed? Im genuinely curious, I have no idea, never hired a coach and never will.

  14. Yes...I believe her name was Melanie. You have to fill out a form with all your food allergies and dislikes. My friend got her plan back with the foods she couldn't eat and gave her a show date lol...she was never competing. You just think they would be on top of it thats all.

  15. Totally agree with you. Not genetics though steroids help her stay that lean. She forgets to mention that everytime.

  16. It literally ages your face by ten years. Why would you want to. Natural looks so much better. It sucks that the bikini division has gotten so muscular that it's not realistic without steroids.

  17. I dont know what happened to that girl Between the lips and all the fillers and the steroids. She looks like a completely differnt person. Why do they want to do that to themselves. Ages them by 10 years So pretty before.

  18. Yes true. She wants to win the Olympia. She needs to hire someone way more experiencened to get her there. I feel like she has been wasting valuable time with him.

  19. the funny thing is carla doesn't even come close to ashley, she acts like ashley is literally stealing her qualification when she doesnt even get first call outs.

  20. She does crappy shows so she will win Why do you think she jumped into Toronto pro??? She knew she could win....She was up against Isa in the next 2 shows Come on guys. You aren't that stupid. Shw isn't as nice and humble as it seems.

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