1. People have been posting their $100 zips so thought I’d show off this beautiful white truffle that I got for a STEAL

  2. This companies product is great and I happened to meet some of the people from the company at the ZAlympics event last night. Of all the items in the cannabis cup kit, their stock out enough for me to call them out when I saw their brand at the event. Has anyone been to their new dispo in Burton?

  3. It was great. Really well done. Free food and drinks, coffee, alcohol, soda, etc. music and vendors that brought samples. I enjoyed it.

  4. Highlights? Who won other than you getting to sample all that?

  5. Ooh. Not a fan or did you want them to win more?

  6. I was rooting for pro gro and michigrown from the box. Peninsula was really good as well.

  7. My wife and I were both screwed out of pods with remaining oil because we had them longer than two weeks.

  8. This is my last luster pod. The company offered to refund me if I jumped through all the hoops, but the last time i had an issue over 1.5 years ago did, they sent a gift card that is digital and I still haven’t been able to use it. I don’t get my day back, and can’t use it on a replacement product. This is my last grow Ohio pod for now.

  9. I emailed grow ohio with this issue thursday and have yet to get any response. Hopefully others have better luck

  10. It took 5 and a halfish days and 2 emails, and a follow-up email to the BOP, but they did finally respond. (They were claiming my emails weren't "coming through" on their end, even though they replied in the initial email chain I sent..? Lol. And they came through just fine once I sent an email to the state, so *they* had no issue...).

  11. I want a replacement product. I have only had one other issue with GO pods and they reimbursed me with a digital credit card that I still can’t figure out how to use.

  12. Always ask to see the “Harvest Date” prior to purchase. On Any and Everything. Concentrates , Flower, Edibles etc.

  13. Especially on sale items. I just bought a bunch of expired kiva bars that I thought were a good deal.

  14. I could legitimately just collect all of the scraps you’re putting on the side and smoke a small bowl. I am 100% certain that I would be way higher if I just smoked more weed that was actually efficient

  15. Your statement makes it obvious that you haven’t had one of these. It is no gimmick. These things are super strong. I have had 3 different strains so far and every one has been amazing with a strong buzz that lasted over 4 hours. You are just wrong on this.

  16. Well bro I harbor no ill will towards you so if I am I am . I’ll make one and tell you.

  17. Same to you. I was surprised at how good these were. They are expensive, but worth trying once to find out for yourself.

  18. Looks a lot less milky then the previous. And the previous wasn’t bad. Looks fantastic.

  19. Smoking .7 here shortly review will come here.

  20. I love this strain. I just read this after sending you a chat message. This strain a beautiful experience, and a fitting tribute to the activist it is named after.

  21. Jenny Monson. I felt bad not at least having her full name on here yet so looked her up.

  22. I did that on purpose so people would look up the story about her. The way it looks and smokes really is a beautiful tribute. I thoroughly enjoyed this strain.

  23. I'm pretty skeptical of those numbers but I will say their jenny kush knocked me on my ass. It's the only strain of theirs that does that.

  24. Jenny kush is a beautiful tribute to the memory of a pot activist. The taste and smell are a fitting tribute to such a person. The strain is great.

  25. That is a wonderful comment, and I will be sharing it with a few people here. Thank you for the support.

  26. Wow. This is the second to last strain I’ve judged, all I have left is jade’s white truffle. I have to say this is one of the most medically beneficial strains I’ve smoked. It isn’t good for anyone with asthma since it is chokey and a bit rough on the lungs, but for pain relief and muscle relaxation it is phenomenal. I thought it had a piney taste with a hint of earthy flavor that really isn’t my first choice. That being said, I enjoyed the slight undertone of what tasted like a very faint citrus menthol. This is top shelf and at 22% it is a good example of how it isn’t all about the numbers. This strain was super relaxing but with no couch lock drowsiness. Great cure as well. I’m interested to see how your competition stacks up, but you are in my top 3 so far. Definitely number one so far for medical benefits. Keep up the great work!

  27. Any issues with this when you were running it? What’s the reason for selling? Have you ever used the PSA akv/scorpion mags in it? Thanks

  28. The Gastro pop by society c was another top contender.

  29. Lol. So funny when a strain captures something we all know vividly. But non smokers just say it all smells like skunk.

  30. So true. My wife can’t tell the difference from one smoke to another while I’m over here trying to develop my palette enough to know the terpene profile without looking. 😂

  31. Oh yeah was very good. Id had it before the cup was a HWH fan.

  32. The taste is probably my number 1 so far with only 5 more strains to judge. It is one of my top contenders for overall experience. Jenny Kush was pretty amazing too.

  33. Love to hear it. I'm actually gonna post samples and my podium i think today. Should hopefully spark up some discussion with some other judges. Might find others with a totally different take. I really enjoy doing it blindly and then seeing what everyone else had to say.

  34. Agreed. I look up a strain after I have judged it and compare my notes to it after. I judge Package, Product, Aroma, Cure, Taste, and effects. Then take notes on that I think of the overall experience.

  35. This is a modern day version of begging on the street.

  36. Try to open the fake jtime website now, you need to see this!

  37. DDOS Attack is the only likely chance of shooting it down.

  38. Thanks😉I can’t issue a judgement yet haha, both of them are nice feelings but appearance on clasp a bit different so I would like to hear the opinion by experts.

  39. The vsf looks better imo. The engraving and the overall finish.

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