1. I know several intelligent people that shoplift. Some enjoy the thrill. Some just want shit but know the likelihood of getting caught is small. Some are junkies trying to get a hit of dope to get well and end their dopesick symptoms. Of course it's not smart or ethical or moral to shoplift...the act is dumb but of course to say only dumbasses steal is just wrong. Smart people make mistakes or make bad decisions just like idiots do.

  2. The Ruger MPR seems reasonably priced for todays market. Idk where you’re going to find an MPR for $500 these days. MSRP on Rugers website is $1089.

  3. You should be able to find a ruger for under a grand. That is ridiculous. I wouldn’t say it’s the best time to buy but I don’t think it’s going to get better anytime soon.

  4. Thats with tax, shipping was bout $18 plus like $35 in tax

  5. Don’t forget about transfer fee when you pick it up from your FFL.

  6. It’s not a stock. It’s a pistol brace. You have an AR-pistol. The Velcro on the brace is meant to attach to your forearm. Don’t try to put a rifle stock on this pistol unless it’s registered as an SBR, or you may have some 3 letter agency visiting you.

  7. When I bought my first AR pistol I had it for two days before I noticed the bottom of the brace is split. I thought I broke it haha I was pissed until I googled it and found out it’s supposed to be like that.

  8. This was my husband driving his company’s (logo’d) van. We are assuming she (older woman driving) was trying to make the turn into the bakery and not an insurance scam, but you never know. Cop said my husband would have almost definitely been found at fault, and even in the best case scenario neither of them ticketed. Fortunately he had footage, and therefore she was ticketed and her insurance company is paying the repairs. When the cop questioned her, she said ‘but he came flying up so fast behind me!’ My husband reminded her that she literally passed him moments before… He was going 55 mph. Even if she could have made that turn, hitting her probably made for a smoother ride! (Edited for typos)

  9. I bet there were no cars behind your husband too. She probably could have changed lanes behind him and safely pulled into that bakery. Idk why she was waiting until the last minute to get into the right lane.

  10. What a coward. Mailing an anonymous letter instead of just talking to your neighbor.

  11. The first tournament I ever did was NAGA and I lost my first match by one point. I didn’t mind losing but my coach was in my corner and literally didn’t say a word, meanwhile my opponents coach is yelling all these instructions at him telling him how to counter sweeps I’m going for and things like that. I changed gyms after that tournament and my Jiujitsu improved quite a bit and I had a much better coach. I’m pretty sure the first gym was a mcdojo.

  12. It’s only a matter of time before Target goes back to hands-on. They were hands-on up until COVID with really no high-profile issues or lawsuits coming of it, and despite what people say about use of force, employees and shoplifters weren’t dead all over the place. Maybe the mounting losses are a big wake-up call that the new way of doing things isn’t quite working out for them.

  13. They need to go back to hands on. The reason a lot of people steal is because they know that most places are hands off. They need to go back to hands on if they really want to stop or deter people. Everyone is afraid of getting sued though.

  14. I was just as a major ORC convention and this doesn't surprise me at all. Oddly I didn't see Target in attendance but everyone other major retailer was there in force. Its a muti-billion dollar issue. The reason it is gaining so much traction is the high dollar figure but the players are often involved in human trafficking's, cartel activity and even international terrorism.

  15. Where do they do these conventions at? Who hosts them? I wish retailers in my area would communicate with each other more because I know a lot are seeing the same types of crimes/ same people committing these crimes.

  16. Yta dude. It was a goal of her's and she finished it like she said she would. Idk why you'd want to take that away from her

  17. I don’t think he’s the asshole. He didn’t tell her she couldn’t go on her dream hike he just asked her to wait a day for him to recover. I don’t blame him for not wanting to go on back to back hikes especially if he isn’t as experienced as she is.

  18. You went on a trip to go on this specific hike, and only the day before realized your not fit enough to go on said hike? And you really expected her to just abandon her dream now that it was right there in front of her? YTA.

  19. He said they could have gone on her dream hike the next day. I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to do back to back hikes.

  20. The owner says I called in the tows without company permission, so it is not the companys fault or responsibility to pay for this mistake.

  21. Whose cars did they end up being? I don’t think it’s legal for your job to do that. You’re going to have to do the work yourself and look up the laws and take action if you need to. I would be furious if my boss tried to take $2,100 away from me.

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