1. When I start playing the game For like a hour or so it’s just cuts my PlayStation completely off it’s actually kinda scary can we please fix this

  2. Can i get added to the high kd groups? I always needa ppl to run it with . I play with randoms & carry & catch dubs

  3. With next gen it’s normally close a locked 120fps so I would really see a point in having one 🤷🏽‍♂️ idk it’s and easy thing to add tho so they should probably jus do it. Maybe with mw22

  4. I know it’s locked at 120 but u still show us if the console is hitting it or not and yeah it may not be easy to add but mw22 would be the 3rd year we don’t have have a Fps counter for next generation consoles and that wouldn’t be using it to its max

  5. lol. What does ur kd have to do with you not being able to see your kd

  6. Bro congrats on ur almost 3 kd but that really doesn’t have anything to do with the fact you can’t see it or that barracks are broken

  7. i wouldnt mind that along with temp counter, but i dont think they want use end user to really see any of that

  8. It’s ah next gyn console and we don’t even have simple features like ah fps counter so is it really next generation 😂

  9. Like said they dint want us to see it we might wise up to fact 60 fps claims anrt really 60fps let lone the said 120hz modes

  10. That’s ah real hot take cuz I play cod and people be like it’s 120fps so it should stay there but if it’s really like 90fps then this gotta be ah real lie

  11. U must be trash at cod ain’t no fucking way u really compared ghost to b04 😂

  12. These people that vote for modern gotta be trash or not human these are cpu cuz ain’t no fucking way 😂

  13. This ain’t ah top 5 cod doors and Non moving ghost end the conversation 😂

  14. Wanna run gbs as well? , I got a 2.5 kd 63 atomics , activison-GouldyPlayz#2011108

  15. SND was elite that year. And I liked playing respawn 8s too. Dom was ass, and pubs were ass except for shoot/ship and snd.

  16. Bro the game had loud ass feet ghost perk ,and u got a broken uav and shitty maps sorry bro snd and 8 and shit the shoot ain’t gone do it bro 😂

  17. Broken UAV and shitty maps? VG has a counter UAV that counters the majority of streaks, terrible maps, worse weapons, and less modes to choose from. There’s no way u think it should be in the same tier

  18. Both of the games suck regardless they both suck It should be down there with it wtf 😂

  19. We need a FPS counter feature on the game I would love to see if I’m getting 120 frames for the games that support it 🥺

  20. Mw2019 should be d tier I think u swap out b01 and bo Cold War together and and move cod 4 and world at war and the list good

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