1. Be done using this Reddit account by 2027 and do things like go back to having fun with Latinas. It will take some time but those are my goals. It’s just a matter of time at this point. Go out there and have some fun again.

  2. Not sure if it counts but 8 episodes of The American Barbecue Showdown, stirring, evocative

  3. I’m hesitant to tell anyone because I don’t want folks to get hurt. These car thieves seemed organized from everything I know so far. But I appreciate the sentiment

  4. I'm assuming you settled with your insurance? If not, that will be a source of some cash that may reduce your financing needs

  5. I only had state minimum coverage so this was out of the question. Wamp wah

  6. This would make a great holiday special even today, even without the context of the series

  7. One of my fav beats I produced is in a major myxolydian key, so I switch from the root down to the second, which is the third of the seventh position (ha) to great effect..

  8. Now that’s the stuff. Her other band, Broken Social Scene is prog adjacent, or fight me?

  9. Thank you. I almost feel it’s too pointless and undeserving of this thread, almost shamefully.

  10. I have this one too! It’s actually the only Yes album I have, but mine is in much worse shape, BUT I got it for 50 cents so can’t complain!

  11. Sad Benjamin Briton’s Young Peoples Guide to the Orchestra sounds

  12. I played my copy so much I wore out the vinyl. A great collection. Enjoy!

  13. In my opinion tosca or dido and aeneas would make great musicals

  14. People would eat a modernized Tosca the hell up, they would

  15. Saga, baby. You gotta love the lush 80s sonics. The staccato guitars are wildly original, great songwriting. Undeniably prog with hardly any songs you could call ‘suites’

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