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  1. You didnt even really play elementals in a deck with jaina. The water eles from hero power were enough by themselves. Jaina was meta warping and was considered top 2 of the hero cards for her time

  2. Sir have you played anywhere above idk silver 2? Dawngrasp is the reason mage is viable. Every mage deck is hero power mage in a different shell.

  3. Valera and scabs may be equal. Totally different play styles but equally powerful imo.

  4. Valeera sees wild play in mill rogue. To some extent they both do.

  5. *The size difference between a dominos large and my local pizza places large box.

  6. It is the best caliber...for shooting the squirrels in my neighborhood with CBs.

  7. You would pass out in seconds. The mass drop in blood pressure from shattering all those arteries in such a short period means you are just done. Even if you were conscious you would be in so much shock you wouldn't even know what your name was.

  8. I had not considered the blood pressure drop, but I dont buy the "oh you'd be in so much pain you could not act". People filled with adrenaline continue to function even with fatal injuries for a surprising amount of time, even with traumatic things like getting limbs ripped off.

  9. Higher caliber is also potentially better for the victim when hit in certain parts of the body. when those 9x19s hit your femurs and pelvis they will likely explode and become shrapnel in your body dealing significantly more damage. whereas a .308 for example can cleanly pass through.

  10. I would say Jonathan little has alot of good free content on youtube.

  11. The settings seem very immersive, I like the feeling of open areas without alot of clutter. The animations have a great realistic feel to them.

  12. Snowfall isn't the finisher anymore but its just a strong ass card.

  13. She and her husband's investment firm just purchased a large holding in Taiwan semi conductor.

  14. Thats true but the ramp and celestial imo will always be more unfun than anything omni man shaman can pull out

  15. Idk quest hunter is pretty lame which is the other best deck in legend.

  16. It's really hard to pilot, haven't seen 1 shaman player in diamond

  17. Idk seems like you are the idiot he came out ahead.

  18. Cause it’s kinda not fun to play imo, if you don’t draw wig early you kinda just lose. Basically when the deck bricks you insta lose

  19. Thats not true you probably just don't understand the mulligan the deck almost never bricks now.

  20. The mulligan is revolving around 3 cards. It's the easiest deck to Mulligan for. Even Imp Warlock and Face Hunter have a Mulligan involving 7-8 cards depending on their matchup. Check the analytics please next time.

  21. 3 cards? There are 6 cards with a 59%+ mulligan WR. The problem is that people are throwing back cards like cathedral, devour, pelagos at a shot of getting the serpent wig.

  22. I've had one play 2 solid alibi and blizzard into commander it back was impossible to kill

  23. Radahn. The only people he kills are those trying to kill him so he can obtain an honorable death.

  24. It’s just a little too slow/situational for the current meta. It’s a good card it’s just there are usually better strategies for control. That’s not to say u couldn’t find a spot for it

  25. Its real funny to draw with rogue shroud of concealment

  26. I don't follow this sub it was randomly on my feed. I was so concerned I had to come in and say something. Wtf is going on here.

  27. A priest with vicious slitherspear, serpent wig, shadow word:devour eats your mmr for lunch.

  28. Beating my dog would earn him a cast iron skillet to the dome.

  29. You ever just wish some people would get mauled to death by a pack of hungry wolves?

  30. I know Shaman hasn’t been super strong as of now and Macaw is one of the cards that keep the class fairly strong but it feels so dirty to play against Macaw + Denathrius.

  31. I think the problem with shaman is snowfall guardian.

  32. Pelagos,vile library, snowfall guardian for nerfs. warrior/DH locations will be buffed. Meta still shaking alot at higher elo so will be a few weeks.

  33. overall its pretty good, could use some slight changes to bring a few of the over performing decks down but nothing major

  34. Good thing this team does regular balance changes.

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