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  1. This one is definitely more "CapitalismIsSocialism." The number of shitlibs that think China is "communist" (rather than Authoritarian State Capitalist) is dumbfounding. Then again I guess it isn't. It is helpful for them to maintain that lie.

  2. Honestly I'd rather argue with a liberal about China being state-capitalist than a tankie 🤮

  3. How do you think apartments would be built? And what do you think of the average person's ability to secure and pay for a mortgage? Even if it was much cheaper, many people would simply be unable to buy a house. So, they rent from the people who can afford to buy or build dwellings for these people. Yes, the mortgage might be less than their rent, but that's a 30 year commitment on both the banks and the would-be renter. That's a lot of risk. You could decrease risk for the banks by offering a government insurance program, like they already do for regular banks, but for mortgages they serve. Otherwise, we need builders of apartment buildings and landlords. I think we should limit the amount of single family homes that a person or business can own, which still allows for multi family apartment units (better for environment, more efficient use of space).

  4. I never sing in my apartment and always practice in my car to/from work. No noise complaints yet!

  5. If I wanted to be comfortable in my sin, I'd join a church so I can be forgiven for them every week.

  6. Whether it's cheating or not is irrelevant. That's something I personally wouldn't care about, but everyone's boundaries are different.

  7. i mean i know how to sing good in theory (better posture, mouth placement and support) and in practice i forget most of it, lol, but i will watch it

  8. i know how to twang (unexpectedly) but used it only in silliness (when trying to make someone laugh)

  9. That's great! I think it's a pretty intuitive thing for most people to do, which is nice. Being able to apply it to singing takes a little bit of practice, but has the benefits of amplifying your voice, adding an extra layer of dynamic expression, brightens the tone, and can give your voice a powerful emotive "cry" (is the best way I can describe it). I'm fairly certain it's what's referred to as "metal" in CVT because of the way it can make your voice sound. I hope this information helps you as much as it helped me :)

  10. Bishop: "did you feel guilty after you masturbated?" Me: "not until after I learned it was a sin."

  11. 135lb is what I started at lmao. I don't tend to pat myself on the back for being average (or less).

  12. They really think Trump supporters are being treated "badly"? If any leftist group tried doing the shit that they did, the "peace" officers would save their rubber bullets for another day...

  13. This is so beautifully written, thanks for sharing! I grew up as a man in the church and left 5 years ago because I thought the heirarchies within it were unjustified and also just stopped believing. This is really eye-opening for me, and it really makes you think of how many important and renowned historical figures would be amazing women if they were able to act upon their potential instead of being shackled by the unjustified burdens forced on them by the dominant class. I sent this to my exmo sister, I know she'll appreciate this!

  14. I like that the second slide implies that Trump is such a piece of shit, that he had to stage a fake war to make his opposition look bad. What's more, is they'll use this as evidence that Democrats are bad, then say that Trump staged the thing that made the Democrats look bad, even though that implies that the bad thing was really caused by their Cheeto Benito. I swear these right-wing conspiracy theorists are the cringiest LARPers.

  15. Socialism (or Communism, as Marx did not draw a distinction between the two) is an economic system where workers own the means of production. This is separate from the organization of the government, which can be various shades of authoritarian and libertarian. You really shouldn't conflate the two. Marx also distinguished between private property (the means of production) and personal property (like your cellphone, car, house, etc.). Any alternative to a socialist system is almost always inherently exploitative, as there is an owning class who controls the means of production, the product itself, and which exists solely to extract as much value from workers as possible, and give as little as possible in return. Your gripe is with imperialism, not socialism.

  16. What would even be the point of having all these coded messages? What sane person is perceptive enough to pick up on these things regularly?

  17. Where the actual hell are they that they need "papers to buy food?" I live in "Commiefornia" and literally the only time I've been asked for my vaccine card was to work inside a hospital, and even then, they give you the option to get tested every other day instead.

  18. Why would leftists want a table dedicated to Ben Garrison comics?

  19. I'm not sure if I can mention directly per a subset of rule - "DO NOT link to other Reddit communities." Submissions not comments, but mods have enough to do without me complicating things.

  20. Gets better with age really. Did you hear the KKK were Democrats? The Democrats owned slaves? The Democrats built all those confederate statues around the south? Republicans are the PARTY OF LINCOLN!!

  21. Why do so many confederates/conservatives today fly the traitorous DEMOCRAT flag because of their heritage, especially if their heritage is conservative in origin?

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