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  1. Did you share this with the cops? That piece of shit doesn't need to own a gun

  2. From what I've heard, tell the JWs that you were once a JW and they will blacklist your house. They are supposed to shun those who have left the cult. Not sure if it works on Mormons though.

  3. My daughter recently found out she's allergic to Methylchloroisothiazolinone and a bunch of other common ingredients in health and beauty products

  4. skrrrahh pap, pap, ka-ka-ka skidiki-pap-pap and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom skya du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun poom, poom.

  5. Johnathan Davis approved this message

  6. I heard the sequel is the worst movie ever

  7. If you had the tint installed, contact the installer. Most tint places have a lifetime warranty.

  8. Yeah but like.. How many airlines can there be that service that particular route they are looking for? Eventually you run out of planes to get kicked off of.

  9. Plus, trying to catch a flight the same day as being kicked off of one can't be cheap.

  10. I'm almost certain, a good 1/4 of the people driving in my city have no license.

  11. Just looked up some numbers out of curiosity. My state is in second place! Go Texas! 🫤

  12. Did the flower girl fix his hair?

  13. Insurance might do a bit troubling if you crash it with 300+ km/h / dangerous driving.

  14. Used to work for a rental car company. Insurance rented a car for some guy while his was in the shop. When he picked it up, we would try to upsell you on the insurance and fuel. We had told him that full coverage protects you from any fault in the rental. He took that as I can drive the car at over 100 mph while drunk with my buddy. Totaled and he managed to survive without a scratch. Came by with the heap on a tow truck thinking I can get another car to wreck. Needless to say he didn't get another car, was likely dropped by his insurance, and probably had the company lawyers sue the ever loving shit out of him.

  15. I need to hear her scream! Anyone have a link to vid w/ sound?

  16. Don't give Spirit Airlines any ideas

  17. Another cabinet with more curios

  18. "I asked for the salted nuts. He brought me the unsalted nuts. The unsalted nuts make me choke!"

  19. Is it wrong that I am literally crying from laughter over this?

  20. Does she do anything different in her videos? Just scrunchy face.

  21. They sent me a gift on my birthday!! Oh. It's a bill.

  22. C'mon everyone. Join in your hate together and use it towards FIFA, the real enemy.

  23. I spent a good half an hour arguing with one of our uncles about electric vehicles. Kept going back to "It doesn't make any sense, they burn coal to make the electricity to power those cars. You should just buy gas powered vehicles". Too many people think this way here in the US.

  24. Elected to a second term and has zero knowledge of her job. Paid $174,000. to tweet hate and lies. Thanks America!

  25. Hey now, don't blame the rest of us. There was nothing the rest of the states could have done about it. We were busy trying to replace our POS governor here in Texas. That didn't work either.

  26. Keep wanting to read it as "Kilzemall"

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