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  1. When he put the bin on top of the other i was like nonono what are you doing

  2. Rupert Murdoch looks like his net worth alone could shoulder all of it and more, sadly.

  3. AAAAAND Tucker called trump “autistic” last night. “How can trump solve Ukraine in 24 hours when he couldn’t build a wall in 4 years?” Or something to that effect….

  4. Yeah, the language change definitely looks like something their in-house counsel told them to do. They did run a follow-up article making their position clear. This is legal ass-covering, not editorial policy.

  5. That's why they changed the headline to quote him exactly, rather than what he obviously meant

  6. Okay sure but uh, there's no actual difference, at that point, it's a bit semantics-word game

  7. “I’m one of the “Good Ones”, so they’ll make an exception for me.”

  8. They'll ALL be in the showers with us. They might be some of the last wrangled in there, but maybe even first, since they're so publicly useful idiots.

  9. Regardless of your opinion on Musk, more competition in the space is a good thing. Interested to see where this goes.

  10. I'd just be concerned about people loosening guard rails to get up above the next guy. An arms race of ai is something to not take lightly

  11. While I agree that the system is messed up, this is a terrible idea. Every police office would quit immediately and the police pension funds would be utterly destroyed by frivolous lawsuits.

  12. Maybe we need every police officer to quit, so they can find individuals that don't just want a gun and a stick for a job

  13. So you agree with the idea that we should defund the police and use it to hire social workers?

  14. I agree that we should drop qualified immunity, or neuter it. I'm for continuing law classes and educational material for police officers, as it'll likely never actually get defended, those with higher educations than a diploma are more courteous and kind to the civilians they serve

  15. You’ve been deregulating everything for 40 fucking years. There’s a conspiracy alright but it’s not what you think it is.

  16. The conspiracy is lowering cost and raising profits. Drives these problems, to the core. Lots of everyday problems can come back to this.

  17. Very true, but having some pride events that are not sexual as an option is also good

  18. Cops think this behavior will garner more compliance but fail to see it’s actually causing greater resistance and eventually it may come down to fighting fire with fire if they don’t deescalate quickly. Once it’s fight or flight all bets are off. The world getting really aggressive really fast because folks are tired of all these authoritarians interjecting themselves into situations that were never a criminal act and never had a victim, instead they created victims and crimes.

  19. ah fuck. I had a snotty co worker wear cream pants and claim it was khaki, but I never believed her. Fuck you becky

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