1. I don't know exactly how tasker works but, I assume it's similar to IFTTT. Is it possible to program based on resting heartrate? If heartrate hits 58bpm, then turn off YTM. I assume everybody's heartrate drops when sleep.

  2. I wonder if MVNO's have to pay for HD calling like they pay for everything else they offer?

  3. Got update yesterday by turning off Fi and putting a blank AT&T sim with a reboot. 40MB file took over an hour to install. So far so good.

  4. I borrowed another mint mobile SIM card from a friend and turned off my ESIM before adding the physical sim into my phone. I restarted it and checked for an update. Nothing. I also tried just disabling the ESIM and restarting. Also nothing. Maybe another carriers SIM card would have worked, but nothing for now.

  5. Yeah, the issue is with T-Mobile and its variants. I think you gotta get away from T-Mobile Sims. Hopefully your phone is unlocked?

  6. After a year of premium (annual plan is 50% off) I have to say that for me there were no extra benefits from it. I do like the aesthetics of the app and I find it more user friendly than MyFitnessPal, however, as a daily user there were things than I found useless and annoying. For example, I don’t understand why there are food trackers (weekly seafood tracker, daily fruit tracker, etc.) if they have to be updated manually. If I ate an apple as a snack and logged it in, the app should register as me eating a fruit and track it automatically. Also, their recipes ended up being no good for me personally. After following the recipe, the app lets you log the food PER SERVING while never actually telling you how big the serving is. I used the app to track my calories/macros precisely and this vague method wasn’t working for me. Just a few things off the top of my head but I decided not to renew my subscription after it ended.

  7. How did you find the database? You mentioned MyFitnessPal and when I took a look (this was a while ago), I noticed that the database was crowdsourced which sort of annoyed me while being convenient at the same time. There were a lot of 'incorrect' food entries needing modification. I assumed this was because of different nationalities using the app with their specific food inputs.

  8. Coming from MyFitnessPal I was actually worried their database wouldn’t be as big but I rarely had issued with it. I could find everything in their database by scanning food packages I’d say 90% of the time, even when traveling. I would add the food item in the database myself it if wasn’t. Most of the time, however, you will probably be like me and eat lots of the same stuff most of the time so you can just favourite items for faster logging which is very convenient. Overall though, I would say that MyFitnessPal and Lifesum are the 2 best apps for tracking calories. I’ve tried both and have found Lifesum to be user friendly and to have a nicer interface but the deal breaker for me was inability to sync MyFitnessPal with my iPhone’s Health app which apparently is an issue to this day.

  9. You are not alone with hit or miss apps. For me, Paramount+ and Prime Video won't play through CCwGTV. When I try to play these two, I get into the specific app and view the previews but when I select a feature to play, I get a spinning circle. Paramount will ultimately give me an Error 6100 and Prime Video gives me the message: 'Something went wrong'.

  10. I've not experienced this, but then, I download 2-3 playlists onto the watch via WiFi for offline playback. I prefer this method as it minimizes my data usage. Ohh, I use YouTube music, but, same principle as Spotify I would guess.

  11. I’ve noticed that the top figure just doesn’t update as often as the lower figure. If you are currently connected to your Fitbit then the lower figure updates in real time, but the top figure doesn’t. Try performing a full sync.

  12. My findings have been submitted via feedback within Google Fit. Thanks again...

  13. So you've inspired me to check the source data on Health Connect, and, it seems Fit (top #) had only synched with Health Connect once today. So I go into Fit and try to sync in the journal and nothing changes. I check previous days sync and consistently the last sync with Fitbit is before 6pm. This is a Fit issue, clearly.

  14. Yes my Fit steps are consistently lower than Fitbit by 1-2k steps. And what's interesting, Fit pulls the steps from health connect and health connect is fed steps by my pixel watch. Heart points are also inconsistent between Fitbit and Fit through health connect.

  15. Welp, if you were looking for the $25 home internet pricing, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s over. Only the $30 Magenta Max promotion remains. No one knows if and when the other promotion will return.

  16. Unfortunate that there is a delay in compatibility. I won't consider upgrading my homemade until the floodlight can 2k pro is compatible. And it's over of the last ones scheduled for compatibility. Oh well...

  17. The A12 update has created an unstable device. If you could piece all the issues reported you'd be surprised. I'm not bashing, rather, honest observation/experience.

  18. Is there a flowchart or info page about this? I’m looking to go electric and given the reduced ev tax credit benefit and weird selection right now, leasing seems to make more sense on the money down and monthly payment front until an EV I’m more sold on in the long term becomes available.

  19. I hope you get that any down payment on a lease is merely reducing your future payments. You will never get it back. Save your cash! This is different from a deposit which is normally refundable given a set of requirements are met.

  20. Thanks for the response man, yeah, I like how large this watch is, that has apps that are more than just a glorified fitbit. I have a Samsung Watch 3, wanted something that had some actual utility outside counting my steps.

  21. Tip # 3 doesn't make any sense to me.

  22. The Pixel watch was designed to be a companion to the phone. As such, Android messages sync to Google cloud and Google cloud requires the phone to be on to sync across devices.

  23. I'm having the same issue on two different CCwGTV dongles. All other services (HBOMax, Hulu, Peacock, etc.) work. Very wierd. I will try the two resets as mentioned below but, I am not optimistic, given this is happening on two different units.

  24. In my view, as one of two mechanical parts of the watch, there is very high probability that the crown will fail. To extend or reduce the probability of failure, I strongly recommend using a launcher as one of the complications/short cuts in your watch face. If that is not acceptable, I suggest whatever method you desire that will reduce the use of the crown. This includes limiting the rotation of the crown for scrolling.

  25. Almost like my exact goal and start except you’ve lost a lot more than me, I’m going on 3 months and only lost 10.

  26. Didn't really focus on calories. My focus was carbs. Most people have close to 100 carbs per day. I kept mine around 20 intending on not going over. My average calorie intake is about 938 per day over the entire time frame.

  27. I have gone from 220 to 174 since June 1, 2022. I offer how I did it in hope that you can glean some value. I should add that I did this while visiting my doctor 4 times during this period. Obviously, your mileage may vary.

  28. I'm running the build version ending with .053.G1 with July 22 security patch. I thought that was the latest. What version are you running?

  29. June 22 security patch. Sorry, should have mentioned the watch is fresh out of the box as of two days ago!

  30. Not sure there's an update. I've had my watch for a couple of weeks and it hasn't updated and I've not gotten an update notice.

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