1. I think Wisconsin, illinois and Michigan may get and influx but there is no way Indiana or Ohio get people unless Cleveland gets jobs again or Columbus stops being unwelcoming. Indiana would need NWI to stop being full of fascist Illinois expats and have jobs.

  2. Fascist Illinois expats? So there is a fascist movement in Illinois about Illinois?

  3. I’d rather rent for the rest of my life than invest in Midwest real estate

  4. Actually I apologize. That came from a place of anger over getting shit on all the time.

  5. Wow, ballonframe? What's the age of this baby?

  6. Don't ask, that's exactly what they want you to do! Lol

  7. Oh my God, are you my mom? This is exactly how she decorates her mantle. Same bowl thing as well.

  8. Plans for the sunparlor porch? I think it would look nice opened up a bit.

  9. My hometown, Carlinville IL, has an entire neighborhood of them. The largest sears home neighborhood ever built, or so the sign says.

  10. Wow, that's pretty good quailty for a mining camp.

  11. It's a craftsman (even with extra california "stick" style elements) with an eastern "Pagoda" flair. 1920s-ish.

  12. Is there a name for the style of the posts on the porch? I love how they resemble little pergolas

  13. This makes me wonder if maybe there is an imperfection in the dimensions of the stairs. Are you slipping or tripping? Is it at the same step or steps every time?

  14. I’m slipping, and it’s only when I’m going down the stairs, and it’s only on the bottom two or three stairs.

  15. Get a measuring stick and measure the height of risers. If there's more than 3/8 of an inch difference between them and the rest of the stairs, then this may be the culprit, and needs fixed.

  16. I would like to know as well. Also the cost. The back of my house has sunk a little over time. It's very noticeable and I'd like to get it fixed, but want to know a price point to expect.

  17. As I understand it, if the wood's been deformed for enough time the joists may retain a warped shape after jacking. It's such a daunting project to undergo.

  18. Whatever you end up doing, make sure that the different moldings of the exterior still pop. It'd be a shame for all that detail to be painted over in the same color and be hardly noticeable.

  19. I think it could, but you should find ways to add sharper shapes into the exterior. Maybe sharp gingerbreading on the gable or porch?

  20. Are you trying to buy/restore/sell, or are you a contractor willing to work for others?

  21. Buy in the future. Currently engaged and house browsing.

  22. Around 2,000 people. I'm looking for a town that has had little growth since the 1930s, and has an intact early 1900s city design/layout. Poverty and crime is expected, but it needs to still have a sense of community (which isn't really something you can measure).

  23. How???? I spend 200+ per week for a family of 5 and we cook most things from scratch. What can you possibly be feeding them on that little?

  24. I should also mention my family is short, which effects portion sizes.

  25. Ok. Mine are big. My kids are all normal weights but pretty tall and all do very taxing physical activities (football/basketball/soccer for one, drill team and dance for one, marching band and dance for one) we do a lot of whole raw fruits and veggies and good quality meats.

  26. Yep, $200 is making a lot more sense now. My dad is 5'7", I'm 5'6", my mom is 5'4", my younger sister is 4'10" (full size for her), and my youngest sister is 5' 3". No one is above 150 lbs, and we don't do any athletics.

  27. Oughta be tasty by the time Christmas gets here.

  28. The e. coli colonies add a whole new depth to the flavor

  29. I think people are confusing the after and before because of the order, but also because the before doesn't show a dilapidated home or anything, it still looks well taken care of.

  30. Did the prior owners move to a Beverly Hills mansion? Last name clampet?

  31. This is pretty cool looking. Do you have to hydrate it with orange or Murphys oil?

  32. you could sand those puppies and make the floors look new. you’d be stunned how good they’d look. although a whole house sanding/stain/finish job is incredibly inconvenient. go on vacation!

  33. The photo is deceiving unfortunately. All the floors are extremely uneven and wobbly from the foundation settlement. Leveling compound can't fix it, it's bad. The boards are also very thin, and many are splintering at the seems. There are also very wide cracks and spaces between the boards from where they've been pulled apart from the foundation settlement. It's an extremely costly and labor intensive project that needs professional help.

  34. 9-10 hours is fine, you could probably do longer too, as long as they can manage the serving sizes. It takes some adjustment, as any change to a diet does.

  35. Put it to the left. To the right is to wind the bobbin only, which may lock the sewing mechanism

  36. Sorry I meant left. I get my directions confused.

  37. That piece might be a red herring (but dont loose it just in case!)

  38. I have the bobbin winder to the right like it's meant to be, but I have no idea if my machine has the option to press in the handwheel. When I press it or pull on it the thing doesn't budge, and I can't find information in the manual or online that mentions this as an option.

  39. Yesterday my Oliver was barking viciously at the empty living room, which he's never done before.

  40. I'm not sure what you mean by "new". Do you mean Europeans don't like to refinish their floors, or prefer worn, rough floors? Or do you mean Europeans don't like to remove features like burn marks, or other stains?

  41. Little know fact but vampires need aluminum backed mirrors as the silver backed ones don't show their reflection.

  42. Thank you, I wasn't aware of this. I'll try to remember for future reference.

  43. When wa the last time hes been to the vet? What was his vaccine schedule?

  44. Negative for parvo, negative for worms. Xrays showed he swallowed a poultry net staple and its likely in his stomach, second day xrays showed it hadn't moved still. I've been bulking up his stomach with wet food and bread, and they gave us a dewormer to give him just in case.

  45. Sounds like he is definitely on the way to recovery if he isn't fully recovered already. Good luck!

  46. How long do you think this might take for him to pass it? How much time should we give before going in for operation? I really, really want to avoid an operation. I think as long as he is acting fine and his stools are fine I'll leave him be for the next couple days, checking his stool for the staple. Not sure if I can afford the operation or more xrays.

  47. False dilemma, keep searching for other options. Something warmer.

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