1. I thought it was Nicole heard she lost her wallet with all her money and credit cards

  2. Someone said that Adam found the coke dealer in Japan from the intro

  3. Um,Adam bought s15, and either the r33 or the civic, collete and Adam have child, they cost diago and drift,Adam and collete want to buy diagos Subaru drift car,ohhh and Adam drifts with a 13yr old….. for those who don’t want to watch the vid

  4. Colette has Heterochromia?? (34:25) that's crazy that I haven't really noticed it until now

  5. Yeah thats fine and all but does he make cheeseburgers?

  6. Could you ask him to? Dudes named randy make the best cheeseburgers.

  7. Colette is looking better than him in these tandems wew

  8. Seeing how good colletes doing in Japan should make jimmy go to Japan so he can be better

  9. I just wanna see the 240 fully painted tbh

  10. Yep. Yet I’ll get thumbs down from the LZ ball licks. That’s fine. I just wanted to say she sucks. Not a fan of Adam either but at least he made it himself. Didn’t ride on people’s coattails.

  11. Nicole shut the fuck up no one likes you you cheated we get it your not a good drifter

  12. He will find a way to talk about Adam no matter who he interviews.

  13. Every person he interviews is either friends of Adam or know Adam from somewhere

  14. damn collete was actually mad her jzx got banged up at the end “oh no! my pink origin bumper on my pink jzx came flying off! i’m so mad!” like please, you have money to fix it

  15. I thinks she more mad about crashing than the bumper seeing how good she was at niko and the other tracks probably killed her confidence. And when did she say that?

  16. They think they can cancel him from tweets like media did to like 3 people and 1 of them came back like nothing happened. I just don’t give a shit about this kind of stuff it’s just a stupid kid typing random shit they barely understand

  17. It’s not like he’s saying anything bad like the n word or anything so don’t understand how they are trying to cancel him….. who’s the mod here just delete all this shit it’s annoying at this point

  18. If he’s not saying anything “bad” why do you feel the need to defend himself and ask for a mod to delete all of this “shit”.

  19. Because it’s annoying I’m trynna see post about sir Fyeah and Anna

  20. Bro think he cool or something like you think adams gonna suck your dick or something?

  21. That’s literally what his channel is about just unsubscribe

  22. this dude actually unironically replied to my comment telling me that the only 2 door first gen was the type r, which if you're not a subaru person is just flat out wrong lmfao, dude says he doesn't know a lot about the car and then comes and tries to tell me that im wrong LOL

  23. the bumpers are supposed to be color matched right? you can clearly tell they're wayyy off

  24. Ok and your still commenting under the video a mod posted here so technically you still stand her

  25. His wife is literally pregnant chill

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