1. Let's face it - even after Russia is pushed out, Ukraine is going to have to maintain the highest level of defensive preparedness. You're going to give tanks to Ukraine eventually, may as well start now.

  2. I think you're right. Everything just seems to happen so the next thing on the list can happen. And if Tolkien had an ethos that was essential to ME, there is now a competing ethos that is essential to others, and the ultimate loser is "story".

  3. I've tried to explain this for years. The concept of "church" is primarily a social construct. People join churches that reinforce their pre-held views and biases. If a church does not serve to reinforce those views and biases, the church-goer simply moves to another church under the pretext that the one they were attending somehow didn't do the bible right. What church you go to is used to telegraph to others where you fall along socio-political lines, as much as religious lines.

  4. Narya was one of the three rings not directly forged by Suaron. Although "connected" to Sauron and the One Ring, they were not related in the same way as the others. The Three Rings were hidden from Sauron, so theoretically he would not know to look for them, who might have them, etc. As ever, these details evolved over time in various notes and such.

  5. No nukes need to be moved. It's all still in place to ensure that Russia and the world go away. Russia is desperate, and so it says desperate things. MAD is still the deterrent, and it still deters the same way. I welcome Gen Z and millenials to the Cold War experience.

  6. What a strange headline. Obviously someone - anyone - should be prosecuted "if there is enough evidence". This is baseline civics.

  7. You can only fast travel to places you’ve already visited, that’s why they needed Halbrand to come with them.

  8. I don't know if this is a political fight, but I think we're about to be inundated with videos like this. Bolsanaro has been priming his people with the Trump "if we don't win it was stolen" message for months. Now there's a run off.

  9. I didn't realize Neil Innes made a Halloween album. He was a genius. Bonzo Dog Band, Python, Rutles. Now I'm going to have to listen to this album, myself.

  10. There's going to be a lot of sarcastic responses to this.

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