1. I..I think I might be impressed someone has the monetary funds and tolerance to max out their 45 day rule. Holy shit.

  2. I rarely use it all but always get extremely close i use about a half oz a week flower.

  3. I stopped buying from them a year ago because everything was dry, really old, or not much terps. But i tried the inferno because it was hyped up and sold out fast. Was very good! So i went and got the notorious the next week. Dry as a bone. Not as much terps. Very mid.

  4. Northeast ohio never has more then 2.83 of farkas ans tbey like 46-48 dollas

  5. So i copped and its fresh and looks good from first glance. Happy i got it. Sold out by time i picked up.

  6. Cokoh is poison. Nothing but dry weak strains. 25 bucks is to much for what they offer. From start to finish they have no clue. I've purchased them 2 times. 1 was a half oz I was tempted to return because it was so dry it powdered in my grinder. Second time was a 2.83 and it tasted like hay and had little effect. There garbage.

  7. I used to feel that way but i had a half of skunkberry that was good, a half of afghani that was fire, and a half of runtz that was also pretty dang good. All a tad dry but the halfs are better then there tenths. Wish I knew the harvest dates on some of the edens stuff

  8. Good deal. But I don't shop THC or buy from companies who remediate...

  9. They dont remediate anymore, used to a year ago or so. Changed how they do things

  10. If you keep one at home in your house for protection you will be fine. But driving around with weed and the gun could get hairy. Or definitely getting a ccw. Just be smart.

  11. Doesn’t look very pretty for some nearly 5% terp flower

  12. I thought there would just be a petition at every dispensary in the state. Just sign when I pick up my medicine. Idk

  13. Have u had grmpz? Is it better then it in your opinion I'm tore on the two need some input lol

  14. What did you decide? I have the same options tomorrow where j live. A half of inferno smalls 32% will be about 90ish with sale price. Or i can get. Grumpz thats 28% which will be about 79 dollars with sale. But i know the inferno is fresh idk about the grumpz

  15. Ill still keep my med card to avoid paying rec tax but best believe i will have a couple plants as well. That alone will make it worth it and also cut costs

  16. I liked rc in the early days of the program but they have proven that while the other companies are starting to get with the times, they are still stuck in the past. Instead of lowering prices, the quality goes down even more for same price, and all these cash grab gimmicks. They belong on an episode of American Greed! Lets not forget how they dont want rec because they know it will put the scam of a company they run go under once and for all!

  17. I just got a half of this stuff and it absolutely reeks. Like some old school stank i havent smelled in a while. Its a tad dry but still spongy, I notice the halfs are usually less dry then there tenths(🏜️) overall havent tried it yet but seems on par with skunkberry and runtz by them. 80 a half no sale and some decent sized buds

  18. They were trash for most part about 6 months ago. Tried 4 strains from them all were super mid. I hope they improve. Because in PA i hear they have top notch products. If you want a good budget brand columbia care has really started to shine to me. Frx isnt at that level to me yet. If that makes sense

  19. Yeah you’re guaranteed to get dry flavorless weed from them. That whole “indoor” line is no different from their regular bud. Best bet is to not buy from them again and hope they get their act together eventually.

  20. Not true, alien starfighter and strawberry bubbles pure gas

  21. Please consider posting the terps next time

  22. I would buy a few for a dolla but wouldnt buy them otherwise

  23. The strawberry bubbles is dumb fire 🔥 hope the peach biscotti comes my way

  24. Indica or sativa leaning? May buy a half for 108 is that worth it? Big gamble i know 😅

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