Using two cameras and around 50,000 individual photos, I created this 81 megapixel composite of our moon, with the color enhanced so you can see how impacts altered the composition of the regolith. Make sure you zoom in!

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  1. Hhahahah!! The weird thing about it is that they actually made all the kids at the schools do a tornado drill so the younger kids weren’t totally sure if it was real or not😩

  2. Yes, and the operator was incredibly incompetent. She was easily accessible but the firefighters took way too long to get there and once they did they did absolutely nothing. cowards.

  3. I found myself being incredibly frustrated, listening to that, because it just sounded like they were feeding her a bunch of bullshit because she was literally dying

  4. Fun fact; there are more aeroplanes in the ocean than submarines in the sky.

  5. I do some goofy things around the holidays, that was for this past valentine day lol. My ten year old sister handled the photography 😂

  6. Love it!! That kinda personality is attractive in itself! I love when men can act so silly! You are a good looking guy! 👍🏼

  7. Not a serial killer but I met with Richard Farley when working for a forensic psychologist. He was one is the first workplace shooters. Shot 11 people, 7 of which died 😞. It was in the late 80’s I believe. We went to meet with him on death row (which he had been on for over 2 decades. His case was reopened because he was diagnosed with ASD. they wanted to commute his death sentence to a life sentence. He didn’t want that.

  8. Sort of. He was trying to stand, but he couldn't. We tried to keep him from moving as much as possible. Thankfully the medics got there pretty fast.

  9. A patient wa lying in their own excrement for 7days on the living room carpet and developed decubitus from the feces and urine....the patient had a private aide but he wife allowed the patient Not to be bathed because he was refusing. The wife failed to realize patients with Dementia Can Not make rational decisions. Unfortunately I had to report her to DCF for elder abuse.

  10. Yeah, they usually don’t pertain to my situation, unfortunately, I’ve tried to find ppl that can relate

  11. Gosh, I am so damn sorry. There was an article somewhere about being a “twinless twin” 😞. I would hug you if you were here 💗

  12. Same but instead it was cancer

  13. I used to do workers compensation and one of the first cases was a woman who was scalped by a lathe because some of her hair was hanging down. Could have be soooooo much worse.

  14. That is amazing and as a professional photographer… The picture is absolutely stunning. Bravo!!!

  15. I used to live in Williamsburg, VA. My elementary school was in Colonial Williamsburg. When I was in 3rd grade, Ronald Reagan came to make a speech in front of the governor’s mansion near the school. I remember pulling up to the school on busses and there were armed guards everywhere. Even on the roof of the school. It was crazy. 3rd grade me thought it was really cool 🫣🫣

  16. When I worked for a forensic psychologist, she was meeting with three different inmates on death row that their cases were being investigated again due to an autism diagnosis. The one I remember most was Richard Farley, he killed 7 people and he barricaded himself in a building. I was able to read the transcript of the entire 5 hour stand off. He finally decided to come out after one of the negotiators offered him a Pepsi.

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