1. Nice Torkoal. Always enjoy seeing an atypical mon like that on people's teams.

  2. ong are you by any chance referring to the "this is my boyfriend's team"?

  3. Wrong, a straw is one continuous hole with 2 entry/exit points

  4. Get a load of this wuss, needs a whole handful of Benadryl to face God

  5. I have been on tumblr so long I literally cannot take the onceler seriously anymore. But yeah, fuck golf

  6. Massive waste of water, massive waste of space, destroys natural ecosystems to get the open land necessary for it

  7. Your using actual bigotry to purport a false narrative claiming bigotry. The church has never advocated violence. How many degrees of separation and bails of twine did it take to stretch for this connection?

  8. This probably isn’t the right place for this but I’ve been curious and wondering if anyone can help. I am not Mormon but I grew up in a small town with a very heavy Mormon community. The Mormon church just released that they will support the same sex marriage law. I was extremely surprised. Do you know why they did it? Is it a ploy to gain new members? Are they trying to become more socially accepted? I am just really curious of peoples takes on this.

  9. If I'm remembering correctly they came out in support of a specific law which would support same sex marriage but included a loophole for churches to not follow it. It was basically a way for them to look good without doing literally anything

  10. Yeah I realized that it was confusing after I had finished it, sorry about that. It's basically saying that the high prices for everything nowadays isn't due to inflation but corporations jacking up prices and blaming it on inflation. The inflation rate remains relatively normal but prices continue to rise. In my state prices have risen to around 65% higher than usual despite the 8% inflation rate

  11. Yeah it's not typical, but with all the shit going on in the world right now it's not really unexpected. Stuff like war, record numbers of natural disasters, political unrest, failing infrastructure, massive tax cuts for the rich and corporations, etc will cause the government to spend and when they spend they print more money and that leads to worse inflation.

  12. You know what? You actually give me hope. You're out here living your best life, judgement and societal constructs be damned. You're a goddamn inspiration and I give you full respect for it. Keep up the amazing work

  13. I think you are weirdly on to something, i have almost never seen a true movie/show villan (and especially a disney one) who had his story end by him being imprisoned or locked up instead of just outright killed, the idea of belos being locked up in a cell for the rest of his life instead of just being killed or being "redeemed" in a murder suicide act could actually fit Dana's love for subverting common tropes. Also if they do it well it could even feel more deserved then outright death as it could be done in a way thats worse for him then just killing him

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