1. Looks like it got branded by Nike. Did you have to sign an NDA about the child labor to get that?

  2. For a 40-gallon tank, two Black Moors would probably do alright in it. Goldfish are super resilient, but they still need plenty of water changes, and over-filtering is typically recommended. They eat a lot and poop a lot so it's always best to caution on cleaner water is safer water. Good luck!

  3. I have been happily surprised while opening packs of Dominaria united for adding to my Commander collection.

  4. Simple answer: yes those people on Pallimustus have been healed. Jason went around in the first book basically curing incurable diseases we have on Earth (at iron rank).

  5. I think if it happened right now with my current life experiences. I would pick up more of a utility set up like Gary or Jason’s dad, and become a glorified magic construction machine. If it were happening when I was younger I would probably go with a specialist set of powers good for the area I would be fighting in. Then take the slow path to bronze and silver. After reaching one of those two points retiring and becoming an adventuring society officiant sounds good.

  6. I honestly had the same thought. But, the next couple of books will show you at least what this stage of the story has in store for him.

  7. Simply no. But, if any followers of the world phoenix have been to that world the god of Knowledge would know everything they know. Both the phoenix and knowledge are transcendent beings, so them acting similar wouldn’t be a stretch.

  8. Would Knowledge be able to get said information from Dawn visiting Pallimustus?

  9. Yes, she get full knowledge of anyone visiting Pallimustus. From my understanding that’s where her knowledge base is based on. She can not exceed the knowledge brought to Pallimustus, but she can connect the dots of different people’s knowledge base.

  10. I would have to go back and listen to it. But, Shirtaloon doesn’t always implicitly imply that they are in a parties. Most of the time it has to be assumed. I can’t remember if Clive is introduced to that system in Book 1 or Book 2. But I know Jason likes to kick him out of his party. Clive always get to be let back in though when they are working together. Otherwise, if this was Clive’s first time Jason was probably letting him figure it out on his own.

  11. Fish/Shark + Water + Spear = ? I think the idea of specializing in water combat would be super cool. Plus if I was in that world trying to get a set that was affordable would be tough.

  12. In book 6 Shako also creates a normal rank avatar to talk with gold rank Chinese guy. So it seems like an ability most any diamond ranker can achieve. More like learning some artifice than needing a specific essence or racial ability. I think it’s described as projecting power through the avatar so likely same power set. There are also joke about avatars being a very expensive phone

  13. I feel like Fire + Magic + Dimension for her essences.

  14. I am glad he left earth. Honestly that part of the story almost made me quit. I much prefer him in the other world & the bad guy is bad not morally bad.

  15. I think it’s the same thing as Shade can’t turn into a Hydal because it’s Jason’s ability. Jason could do whatever he wants but doesn’t because “It wouldn’t make sense”

  16. I don’t remember Belinda questioning it, and that’s on me, but even so, that only makes sense in a vacuum. As you said, there are all those people around her that have good relationships with their familiars. Summons are different. Even Humphrey has little connection to his Spartoi outside of battle. That makes sense because they are only around for a short time and can be summoned and dismissed with few resources.

  17. Humphrey should still have known Stash a few years even at the start of the book. I believe he got his essences early on and didn’t start adventuring until years later. That doesn’t super matter though because your right Belinda should have know her familiars for just under 3 years at the most current point in the story.

  18. That’s an interesting take. I hope Shirtaloon expounds on this later. I am more interested in why you think Belinda isn’t long for the story. Why do you think so?

  19. Not so much that she is gonna die or something. With how Shirtaloon has set up Diamond rank as a thing realistically only Sophie, Rupert, Humphrey and Jason will probably be the ones to hit it within the time frame of the story.

  20. 4th month you looked happy and beautiful. But, 26th month is killing it!!

  21. Relatable, I didn’t start writing until I could understand language. But, at that point everyone around me was already a New York Times best seller. I did finish my three book trilogy, however I never released them because like what’s the point?

  22. Dysphoria is probably something that should be diagnosed/discusses with a licensed therapist.

  23. Yeah definitely, I’m planning to call a gender therapist soon but I‘ve been delaying it cause of my phone call fear

  24. It can be stressful to do that kind of stuff. But, my advice is to rip it off like a bandaid. Depending on where you are in the world it can take a while to make your way over to the right therapist.

  25. I see some visible changes. I think the edges of your face have smoothed out a quite a bit.

  26. Hi Asa, I would recommend trying to socially transition first with a few people you trust. Have them use the right pronouns for you. Also fashion is very flexible. I would recommend wearing more “feminine” clothing made for men or androgynous clothing made for women. Presenting more fem and connecting with your schools lgbtq+ group will help you figure this out more for yourself.

  27. Very good ideas! I have already transitioned socially with many of my close friends. I want to dress in that manor but lack the knowledge in stepping in, so any tips would be very helpful. I also run on a tight schedule with both my school life and personal life but I've been wanting to join my school's LGBTQ+ club for a very long time. After all this I may make my shot and actually go. Thank you for the comment and the advice!

  28. Lol, we are in the same boat a bit. I am still trying to fill out a more androgynous wardrobe. (I don’t want to spend money on stuff I can’t wear in public). Handmade jewelry from Amazon can be a cheap option to accessorize. Women’s pants are pretty androgynous (tops not always as much). Concealer & Tinted moisturizer are becoming an accepted way for men to fix blemishes (and are easy to use).

  29. There’s different doses you can take, and now a days (in the US) you don’t have to go all the way down to normal ciswomen levels of estrogen. You will get a more feminine body taking some levels of estrogen.

  30. I did I through plume with informed consent. It costs $99 per month before prescriptions. But, they do online appointments and the Nurse Practitioner didn’t try and question me, and let me choose my starting dose of E (1, 2 or 4 mg/day)

  31. I prefer the fics to be only smut. So, if there isn’t a gay orgy on page 5 I don’t want it.

  32. Page 5? Why the hell is it taking so long to set that up? They get one page for exposition and setting up the frame for the space-orgy or else I'm using ctrl-F to try to find keywords relating to my fetish.

  33. Dang you like the real hard stuff. I was thinking page 1 set up. Pages 2-3 a passionate but vanilla scene between the MC and their love interest. Page 4 more set up / world building. Then pages 5-8 is where the kinks start. And it just continues to build to more and more hardcore stuff from there.

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