1. How can it be anti-white? There's one of them bleach demons right there on stage!

  2. Honestly, as a girl I will fall in love and feel safer with a cinnamon role than a so-called “alpha male.”

  3. Can someone explain what's up here? I've only watched the anime and don't mind getting spoiled.

  4. Anya’s class was on a field trip and were taken hostages by a group of terrorist and Yor and Loid were kept in the dark the whole time.

  5. Ah. Can you give me a brief rundown as to what led up to that, if it's not a hassle?

  6. 98'gang 💪😉.Waiting eagerly for September to arrive...Sike!!

  7. He took the like off. I think it was an accident and he didn’t notice.

  8. You know you are old when these ‟uncles” look like older cousins.

  9. Well they also look young for their age and YOU’RE NOT OLD!!!

  10. Been on that one. I got a man named Ernst who recruited people for jobs on the Titanic and wanted to work on his brothers farm in America. He didn’t make it.

  11. I wanna see Yor and Loid's reactions when they find out what happened to Anya. I mean, we've seen how they reacted when that teacher made her cry at the interview, so imagine their reactions when they hear she was held hostage...

  12. Yeah, Anya having a bomb collar around her neck is sure to spin some heads.

  13. Also that episode of Made in Abyss is one that will stay with you.

  14. I know! Don’t get me wrong, I love Spy X Family but the image of Faputa calling the Hollows in a roar is beautiful.

  15. I’M SO PROUD OF HER!!! Also, I hope Anya figures out Yuri had a hand in rescuing her so that they become closer.

  16. I really thought Yor was gonna go ballistic when she found out what’s happening to Anya

  17. She’s probably still going to be. “How dare they do that to my baby!!”

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