1. Don't forget that his parents spent their honeymoon in the Caribbean, visiting three islands. Two everyone knows about but the third one was kept secret for "privacy reasons" since Pierre Trudeau was prime minister.

  2. This whole theory has been around for years (within Canada at least). It was apparently common knowledge at the time of their fame that the senior Trudeaus were swingers.

  3. 6ix9ine gotta workout at planet fitness from here on out lmao

  4. Can’t wait for the biopic scene where every punch that hits him sets off the lunk alarm.

  5. Guys JPEG MAFIA knows how to mix lol, the distortion sounds great. I’m fucking pumped

  6. I think its just that the high mids and highs get really crowded and the level overwhelms the vocals. It may be a stylistic choice but the vocals get less intelligible as more elements are added which is not traditionally considered ideal.

  7. Well octane ratings dictate engine tuning so yes and no.

  8. That’s not totally true though. Those fuzz pedals were discontinued for years and no one wanted them. Same for lots of random boss pedals, they were always seen as boring boss crappy pedals, people chased boutique effect makers or anything more rare

  9. Do that on ice, and your reasoning is on point. Do it on pavement, with good sneakers, and you have two interactions to account for. First, you're pushing the object forward, and it pushes back. Second, you're pushing back on the ground (through your sneakers) and the ground is reacting to that. Both interactions have equal-and-opposite in action.

  10. More specifically, theres the "force" of static friction stopping you from being moved when pushing the block on concrete. You, or the object will not move from rest if the force exerted is not more than the force of static friction, so you can think of it in binary terms. The force of static friction is relative to the "normal force", which is equal and opposite to the combination of the force of gravity and the force that you are exerting on the ground. If your legs are pushing with x amount of force down into the ground and gravity is pushing you with y amount of force down into the ground, the normal force acting upon you is x + y amount of force. Then the force of static friction is equal to that normal force multiplied by the coefficient of static friction (which is dependent on the surfaces interacting; your feet and the ground). On ice, the coefficient of static friction is very low, on concrete it is very high.

  11. When you see American tailgate parties celebrating someone being put to death you start to wonder if the death penalty is actually poisoning society rather than punishing a criminal.

  12. Precisely this. It sets the precedent that killing can be justified. Revenge is petty, destructive, and pointless, and I dont think it should be entertained or accepted.

  13. Conservatives when they claim they are not crazy MAGA followers but then dont lift a finger or say a word again the official conservative racist sexist Nazi anti-LGBT anti-Women anti-Minority agenda. And will vote for DeSantis like a good little magat.

  14. Grow the fuck up. You sound like you’re twelve. I’m about as left as it gets but when I hear this obnoxious bs it makes me ashamed to align anywhere near the left.

  15. At this point Im assuming youre either a troll or a child. Either way I hope you grow up and mature beyond the mentality youre in.

  16. Yeah this is good context. People really need to stop equating criticism of Israel with antisemitism.

  17. While I do think there is some leeway for benefit of doubt that his intention with the star of david was a criticism of the Israeli government rather than anti-Semitism... I think that benefit of the doubt can only really be granted in the case of initial ignorance. The fact that he has continued to plaster the star of david on an inflated pig at his concerts after people have told him how it looks is at best arrogantly moronic, and at worst is evidence that he is anti-Semitic. You can say all you want that the star of david is a symbol for the israeli government, but that doesnt change the fact that it is a symbol that has represented Jewish people for over a century.

  18. Arnold has actually just been speaking dragon fly this whole time. It explains everything.

  19. 2 Chainz’ "Wood grain, Chestnut. Titty fuck, CHEST NUT!!!”

  20. This is literally one of my favourite 2 Chainz bars. Lyrics like that are his whole appeal.

  21. I don't know, the study is based in part on participants' statistics, which is going to give a very skewed (read: music nerd) perspective on music tastes. The researchers also admit some of the "why" behind the correlation is a bit beyond their research, especially as things like lyrical content of the data aren't even looked into. I would take any explanation as to why shoegaze attracts sad people with a grain of salt.

  22. They’re absolutely awful for pedestrians because cars may or may not stop or yield. So you stand there waiting for a break in traffic to run.

  23. Again though, this isnt a fault in design or concept, this is a fault in drivers.

  24. If something is never used as designed, it's 10000% percent the fault of whoever chose the wrong design for the application. No exceptions, ever.

  25. “Never” based on what??? They’re not “never” used as designed. I’ve used them almost daily since they were first introduced and the amount of times I see them used improperly is marginal at most. Availability bias might make you think they’re never used properly because you seeing someone use them properly isn’t memorable, but I know for sure I had an emotional response and therefore remember the times I’ve seen them used improperly. Furthermore, to your “no exceptions” argument, what is that based on? I’d say failure to properly signal is more common than improper use of round-abouts, so are turn signals a “flawed design”? I’d argue that people just don’t care or don’t think or don’t know how to use them.

  26. I love when the baby is rolling down the hill and the lady picks him up says “aww cute baby” and send back on his way.

  27. I saw this movie as a kid and that bit always stuck with me lol

  28. Great painting! Where can I get that sweater you’re wearing?

  29. “About half” is pretty bad, though. If half of Michael Jackson’s songs sounded like some dude with 2 years experience engineered them, everyone would’ve been like what the fuck.

  30. I dont think "about half" of his mixes are bad though. Like College Drop Out has some of the worst offenders (the song Spaceship comes to mind) and his albums post 2019. So thats like 3 out of 11 (more if you include collab albums which tend to be of quality).

  31. What's the matter with spaceship? Just listened to it, didn't think there was a problem.

  32. imo the vocals are pretty thin in the sung parts and a couple times the rapped vocals distort, notably around 1:20. If I were EQ'ing the sample I would have kept more instrumental detail, especially the bassline which is pretty neutered. Instead for some reason the Tom hit in the sample was boosted, which just sums with the kick to be way too loud. I may be a little harsh because the album that the sample is from is one of my favourite albums and favourite mixes.

  33. I have to be the one to say it I guess, but wouldnt it be counter-strike 3? or even 4 if Source is considered a different game from 1.6? CS-GO is at least 2, so yes, it is real.

  34. What’s he doing these days? For a while he was doing things that kill you. I hope he’s not back in that direction.

  35. He drinks a lot. He half-jokingly apologized to JPEGMAFIA on his podcast for being fucked up for the majority of the recording of their album. At one point he was on a month long shroom binge, and not microdosing either,h e tossed back a handful while on his podcast and said he was at the point in the shroom binge where you start hearing voices and the voices were telling him the "micro dosing is for pussies" lmao. I think he's mentioned being back on the blow as well. So I wouldnt say that this man is in the best state currently.

  36. On top of the "try it" to see, you can always re-amp. Have them record d.i like you usually do, and then in your own time or with each of them individually you can reamp the dry d.i signal (through the pedal board even) and it will be much easier to figure out mic placement and tone shaping. Having the trial of error in playing + trial and error of the recording will lead to a huge increase in time, so may as well just spend a few hours with a perfect recording looped playing through the amp so you can set the mics up and figure it out rather than trying to figure it out on the fly.

  37. You have to keep in mind that F1 is a sport and a way to make money via people watching it.

  38. WSG on The Cow. Conway drops 2 mins of pure pain, his most emotional verse, he cries whenever he performs it. Gunn comes in with “keep the Mac in the Stone Island!!”

  39. I always felt that as well. Gunn has a great verse, but that conway verse is one of the best verses of all time imo and gunn feels like an after thought on it. idk why he thought it would be a good idea to get so washed on a song by comparison, and then make it first song on his own album.

  40. I mean Gunn has said on record that he doesn't mind getting outrapped on a song- he prefers it in fact. He's always expressed himself as more of a curator than a rapper, so I'd imagine he prefers the best possible product even if it washes him away.

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