San Francisco will allow police to deploy robots that kill

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  1. Gibson is an antisemite. West is a man who appears to suffer from mental illness and is an antisemite. They are very similar, but not exactly the same. This guy needs help snd every right-winger is lining up to exploit this situation. Alex Jones rants about false flags. Kanye’s demise will likely actually be one.

  2. My guy it’s a meme, I’m not trying to do in-depth psycho analysis of them. I’m sure Mel Gibson has mental health issues too. A lot of Nazis do.

  3. Ok so I should not be too alarmed that the conure I recently adopted bites the crap out of me everyday? Because dang.... tiny bite marks everywhere. They're wild. Any tips to help curb the biting even a little? I love this little bird but I'd also love to be able to interact with it without being terrified of getting my face bit off.

  4. It’s hard on how to make them stop, but to train Conrad because he wouldn’t stop biting me and would violently rip any exposed skin to shreds, by biting then beak grinding on my skin, followed by a head shake. I would only wear long sleeve and hoodies at first slowly introducing him to different segments of my skin, and If he bit me I would make an easy replicable sound and shake. So he would associate the sound with him being shaken (not to the point of knocking him off or losing footing) so he would know I didn’t like that. The other problem is this is waaaay better than he used to be with hands and he will now perch on them or asks for scratches. The only way I got that was doing something unorthodox Ed my vet gave me a wild look for doing. Conrad hated my hands as other hands caused him pain in the past so I laid my hands infront of him for 15 minutes and made no reactions despite him tearing them apart, making them bleed, and inflicting so much pain on me. But I did not react so he got the message that my hands were not there to hurt him. He only bites now to communicate with me, and not out of fear! Conures still always bite, it’s how they communicate.

  5. Over the years we've taken in many birds. Everyone of them has been worth the work.

  6. Conrad is my first bird(my partner she has another black cap Conure and made me realize I wanted one) and he’s a little angle most of the time, but he is sometimes moody or scared. I just wanted to post this because I feel a lot of people jump I to getting conures without realizing biting is part of their language.

  7. Lol does no one understand what he’s saying? It’s simple. What he’s saying is when anti semitism appears in the main stream something bad is about to happen. This in reference to in the past that anti semitism in major figures lead to huge horrible world events (horrible in terms of loss of human life) like the Russian revolution or the Holocaust. I don’t think he’s actually being antisemitic here guys, gals, and NB pals.

  8. He talks about evil “globalists” all the time. That’s literally code for “Jews”.

  9. Right but I’m saying In this specific instant. Don’t get me wrong I hate Jordan Peterson and I think he propagates a lot of Nazi Rhetoric. I just think in this instance he’s showing concern. He’s doing the Ben Shapiro thing, where hes a fascist but doesn’t like the part of Antisemitism and finds it messy so he doesn’t use it. That being said Peterson in his perverse grifter way of seeing the world genuinely thinks it means some kind of violence is coming. I didn’t say he thought it was a bad thing, he just thinks violence is just around the corner.

  10. When they do the episode on Elon it should be called Behind the Beta

  11. They included: Homo Neanderthalis, Deinisovans, Homo Luzonensis, Homo Florisiensis, as well as some likely remnant Homo Erectus and probably other chrono-species we haven’t identified yet.

  12. Luzonensis is debated but I believe it’s real species as island speciation is very common, but unfortunately your date is wrong my guy. All of these species existed 30,000 years ago lol

  13. Lmao according to recent studies there were actually 4 species of homo existing 30,00 years ago. Homo sapiens, Homo Denisova, Homo Neanderthalensis, Homo Floresiensis,and potentially Homo Erectus. The homo Erectus evidence is controversial currently.

  14. Join me my fellow primate, we shall return to the seas and teach those Orcas who really is the Apex predator

  15. Do be careful with that white rope/wood toy I had that toy in my budgies cage and my dear mochi got caught on it and ripped her nail off before I could get to her

  16. Oh thanks for the heads up. It’s on the outside of his cage so he only uses it when I’m monitoring him. he’s usually out and about with me on my shoulder as I do things around the house lol, he loves me a lot and just wants to go everywhere with me!

  17. My goodness the pattern of his feathers is amazing!! He’s wearing a little lace cravat! Fancy birb!

  18. This isn’t entirely true, recent evidence suggests the first forms of treadmills were used in basic cranes. If you needed to move something vertically, walking on a wheel would allow you to move it vertically by spooling the rope using the force generated, allowing for the movement of much heavier loads. This is how stone was raised to build castle fortifications. It also depends on how you define a treadmill tbh.

  19. Me who is petrified of the Plains: ………..Oh I’m fucked….

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