1. I have a Q2550bs pepper shaker i don’t need theese 2 but if you are interested i will take in consideration other offers

  2. I'm interested friend, what are you looking for nowadays.

  3. Something i am really looking for would be a VE90 50 cal or other than that i have the majority of what i need. I am pretty set with heavies, so i can take in consideration God roll commando

  4. I have that one. Mostly looking for Q2525 fixer amd stuff

  5. Not all of them ill bundle accordingly what do you have?

  6. AA50c25 Epr + VE25 fixer + B2515r flamer + fcjs for the rail

  7. I can’t quite think of any combination of stuff that would make me wanna trade that set in particular, but you’re definitely welcome to shoot offers

  8. Uny ap wwr Heavy combat set with uny 1e wwr LA + uny 1i sent Heavy combat set

  9. That’s a respectable offer, but I don’t care much for +1 intelligence armor

  10. I was asleep. Hopefully we can trade today, let me know when you can be online

  11. oh sorry... I just got sold at the vending machine...

  12. hi sorry read your title but i try for friend, i can offer a q50c25 railway for this if you can add a red asylum and LC

  13. I don't really know the value but personally I don't think the more effective meds are too great with unyielding cause 99% of the time you're not using radaway and if you are it's usually diluted cause you took just a little bit too much rads. Also, being at low health all the time you usually only need 1 stimpack anyway. Rad-x can be useful but having slightly better rad-x over having a better 3rd perk isn't something most people would want. I think it would be collectors who would mostly be offering for this, but I may be wrong.

  14. Yes i think its Mostly a collector items, i havent used it yet, it looks cool on paper imo

  15. Congrats 👏 One of a kind for sure, and heavy only is very important. Sentinel loses some value, but considering how rare this set is (most likely only one on playstation) the value is whatever you want it to be. If you want a ballpark for what someone might actually be willing to pay, I’d say x2 Q50c25 Railways, quite possibly x3 Q50c25 railways.

  16. Thanks! Only 1 taker so far. Switched it to Fallout Worlds only instead of lending them out. I got scared.

  17. Very nice, If you decide to trade it i may be interested

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