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  1. Idealism states that everything is made out of mental thingy and illusionism states that consciousness is something illusionary and qualia do not exist.

  2. Can somebody say what are they talking about and what is these guys point of view( i mean i know that Solms is materialist but i don't know what the others are.).

  3. In my opinion, we currently do not know but everything suggest that there is significant connection between consciousness and the brain. Substance dualism, naïve but possible. Panpsychism, better than dualism and maybe than materialism, but still impossible to verify. Solipsism, i won't take that. Imo, the only possibility which is possible to verify is materialism.

  4. I get your way of thinking. For me it is also hard to accept that the fundemental essence of the universe can have multiple perspectives.

  5. But where it is happening in the brain? Which neurons are firing when my brain id synthesizing. Which parts of brain are responsible.

  6. from what I can see the name pops up in Witterda near Erfurt and also in Arnsburg ,Gliwice (Gleiwitz) and Racibórz (Ratibor) - with no noble connections I can easily spot on family search though

  7. Do you have a paper or some scientific source to back this claim up? I haven't been able to find one but see this posted fairly often.

  8. Wait, is this response to mine or to this guy talking about dmt in brain and ndes

  9. To the guy saying DMT is released in the brain in significant amounts

  10. Well if it can be said, i am materialistic panpsychist. That is exactly what i believe in, when it comes to physicalism.

  11. Well, that is how i perceive eventual afterlife. Noth8ng new to me. This video looks like somebody took one of my ideas and put it in the video.

  12. But do you realize in what you’re stating as absolutes how much you are blindly trusting and are assuming is true? How do you really know any of that? You actually don’t.

  13. There is no other theory which can explain so perfectly origin of the universe.

  14. How do you know? Because you can’t see it any other way so it must be that way?

  15. So tell me all the other ways i cannot see. And tell my why they are better than big bang theory

  16. It is 10 year old post. I do not see any change in how Dr Greyson is considered today. He is still one of the head nde researchers Have a nice day

  17. i have read few paragraphs, and i can say, that everything you have written is everything that i had in my mind but in good order. Keep it going

  18. I'm surprised there are several answers, but nobody asks "what do you mean by trust him". Did he ask you to move into his back house and tend to his vegetable garden until the end of your days? I've just listened to his interview with Dom Sniezka and he said he has no general message to the world. So, no need to trust!

  19. Maybe a long time in the infinite future the conditions are right and you just "come back" again and again.

  20. You are correct, but there is also a chance they're talking about "Xbox game pass for PC" which also isn't crossplay with steam but they are the exact same alpha 20.6(b) version.

  21. You mean they should be banned for everybody or for people with schizophrenia?

  22. They are not "tratoris astartes" (the codex CSM keyword), so including a unit of them (or a detachment of Death Guard) in a CSM army like Creations of Bile or Black Legion would turn off any army/detachment rules.

  23. That is weird cuz you can play plague marines, rubric marines and regural csm in one army but you can't use these termos

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