1. I’ve played terraria for years but I want to get into building, I want to know, how do you get those broken chests and things that you have, I thought they were only natural things that spawned in underground houses

  2. Slime is the weakest and I usually kill it first if I’m playing modded or journey but on normal vanilla I will always skip him and kill the eye

  3. Pour sulfuric acid and hear the screams of the damned

  4. I was pissed when I saw hop at S, but then I see never battled at the bottom and realize it’s for fights

  5. "You feel vibrations from deep below..."

  6. I identify as a small reptilian creature of unknown origin

  7. Mans trying to avoid endermen with that carved pumpkin on his head

  8. I actually had a ladybug bite me, I had one on the back of my hand and suddenly I feel a sharp pain where it is, I know I sound like a bitch but I swear that’s what it was like, I was like 6 so I had no clue what happened

  9. Yea I was on that sub for a while and all I would see are “grunt applications” and it’s just all legends that can fly, people there don’t know what the fuck a grunt is

  10. There’s many other things like that, what’s your point

  11. Bruh, I’ve done 50+ zygarde raids (beaten 50) and haven’t gotten anything good, not a single shiny

  12. If I could get my hands on a Goomy beanie I would almost be a happy as I could be

  13. That’s mother fuckin Vis diesels ancestor, Vin fire

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