1. A few weeks ago we did an overnight trip to Panorama Ridge near Whistler, BC in Canada. Hiked about 5 miles in before setting up camp at Garibaldi Lake. Then continued another 4 miles to the top and made it there around 7pm. Enjoyed dinner at the top for an hour then hiked down in the dark back to camp. The 3 hours in the dark was totally worth seeing sunset and having the view to ourselves! Weather was gorgeous but the bugs were pretty awful. Overall a fun hike with lots of elevation and beautiful views.

  2. Hey random question! I am doing this exact itinerary and curious if you think the ridge has better sunset or sunrise views?

  3. Would it cause a pyroclastic flow like that and would they survive? I was thinking it would be Vesuvius with no survives

  4. Based on the maps within the show, the village is roughly 30 miles from Orodruin. The pyroclastic flow ends within a few miles of the base of the volcano. Look at Peleé where Saint-Pierre was buried at the base, or Vesuvius. This case is closer to St Helens where the death zone was 8-ish miles depending on direction, and the ash cloud continued further. It’s unlikely to be dense enough after 30 miles to be deadly on the spot

  5. This is usually how my car looks when I get back to the trailhead

  6. It takes balls to point out that somebody is talking nonsense? Interesting take, I suppose.

  7. No, it was confidently declaring that they don’t know what’s going on, and in the next sentence stating you don’t either. Like “hey they’re wrong, I don’t understand this thing but here’s why I’m right”

  8. Your reading comprehension needs some work, if that's what you took from my comment. Try again, but this time with the intent to understand, rather than to respond.

  9. Malek is ok but 200% market prices for no reason other than instragrammable plating.

  10. But it’s in a plaza near Michigan avenue in west Dearborn, off a smaller street that is just a little throughway for some businesses. Not sure the name of the smaller street.

  11. It's too bad you are being downvoted.

  12. I appreciate that. It is by no means for everyone but neither is moving states/countries semi-regularly. My basal assumptions about life and how to live it must be different from many suburbanites’.

  13. I said “in my opinion” from the first. Your responses have only gotten more and more antagonist for no reason.

  14. The reverse is common based on the amount of alaska plated trucks I see in Oregon. However I’m certain the ferries are more popular than the Klondike highway.

  15. To your first point, I highly suspect that this whole "bathe in mithril" thing is a trick and that Gil-Galad is being manipulated. I imagine that if they try it, it won't work, and will serve only to motivate them to dig up so much mithril that they unleash a Balrog.

  16. Nice write up, however, I am not sure that Adar is actually that old.

  17. Good points, there is the issue of speaking Quenya as a pre-journey elf, and the issue of the elven Alfirin battle ritual when he never would have known battle in Cuvienen.

  18. As others said, he spent time advising various nations and just wandering/exploring.

  19. Wanted to say the same, but is he really struggling? Isn't he just a superhuman who does play it low? He is pretty unstoppable when loose...

  20. At least on the bus scene he takes a LOT of damage. It looks like he’s going to lose for half of it. Granted he pushes through pain in an almost superhuman way, but he doesn’t just “one chop knock-out” everyone like a lot of movies do

  21. I think a reread of LotR greatly benefits from knowing Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales. Not to mention they're amazing in their own right.

  22. That’s true… but I believe the 12th step of AA is to be ok around alcohol and other people drinking. I think there’s even a part of rehab where your sponsor takes you to a party where you hang out and act normal and don’t drink. Unless Bojack Horseman just made that up. But anyway I know former alcoholics who can do that. Arguably you aren’t really rehabilitated until you can exercise self control yourself.

  23. John Locke from Lost giving Meriadoc Brandybuck a Virgin Mary full of Heroin

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