1. I mean, MnK is by default better than a controller no aim assist. However, VG aim assist is WAY too fucking strong. Hell, if you go back and play old cods you realize how big the difference it is.

  2. Old cods weren’t crossplay, so the need for stronger aim assist wasn’t there.

  3. There wasn’t really a moment in this game where i felt like we were gonna lose. Not used to that against Miami.

  4. So DeVonta Smith has been out for almost a week. Should we be concerned?

  5. I’m not concerned he’s out for a week, to be honest I’m appreciative it’s not being forced. I’m extremely concerned that it’s a groin injury.

  6. Next 5 games we get Alcantara, Scherzer, and deGrom. Gonna be a tough test for the boys this week.

  7. Have we legitimately ever not gotten Alcantara?

  8. Old Phillies would lose this series after such a feel good weekend. Don’t be old Phillies.

  9. Obviously a charity game doesn’t really mean anything at all, but it looks like Maxey has been really working on speeding up his shot release. Looks really fucking good.

  10. I mean I’m not sure why I’d make that up lol

  11. It’s a shame it’s to the Mets, but watching Barves fans AND players act like children and not accept any responsibility for the loss is hysterical.

  12. Tom Gordon using Flash Gordon was spectacular back in the day.

  13. Whoever taught Braves fans the term “BABIP” should be shot into the sun. It’s their go to

  14. Philly fans are being too agreeable this week. This isn't natural

  15. Hey, in the NL East we ALL have to deal with online Barves fans

  16. Hall has been huge in making up for some of Harpers production. Been a beast

  17. If I was the Mets, I would make a hard push at Carlos Rodon, Nathan Eovaldi, or Aaron Nola this off-season and just kill teams with pitching.

  18. Would be pretty hard to get Nola, considering he’s still signed through next year and there is a 0% chance we’d trade him to the Mets lol

  19. He got off to an absolutely terrible start, but has actually been pretty solid the last few weeks.

  20. It's pretty funny that we're 1.5 games closer to the Braves than the Braves are to the Mets. I've heard about the Braves catching the Mets for months. I haven't heard squat about the Phillies catching the Braves.

  21. Howard actually slashed .318/.400/.500 that series. Unfortunately had 0 RBI and 12 Ks in the series. Unfortunately just some really untimely bad ABs

  22. I was looking at our top 30 prospect list and does anyone have any real hope for anybody besides our coveted pitching trio?

  23. He’s not on the prospect list just yet (actually just made his debut recently) but William Bergolla Jr is potentially really exciting. 17 right now, but was the #4 international prospect last year when we signed him.

  24. I mean I will never root for the Braves. I dislike them more than the Mets.

  25. Mets will always be my number 1 most hated (it’s ny cmon). But I’ve lived in Atlanta for the last 5 years and they’ve made it so hard to enjoy the Braves.

  26. I’m fuckingn terrified of how much i love this team

  27. Good Castellanos is the best deadline acquisition we could’ve had

  28. Remember this one vividly. Was a freshman at UMiami at the time at a night class. Watched the first half on my laptop surrounded by people in Heat jerseys and rushed back to the dorms for the 2nd half.

  29. Syndergaard got a win today. Of course. (Yes I know he wasn’t great lol).

  30. People here do realize we traded for Syndergaard to be a back end rotation guy so we don’t need to do bullpen games…right?

  31. barely competes??? what are you on about lmao how is bo4, bo3, or cold war competing with ANY iw game?

  32. The final stage of Cold War is a top 3 Call of Duty game and is a really good representation of a lot of the series positives (and of course negatives)

  33. Fucking bingo. It’s clear they are out of ideas because they’re doing Black Ops for the millionth time.

  34. I mean there are 5 Black Ops games, and with MW2 coming, that will be the 5th Modern Warfare game.

  35. The trio of Jean-Stott-Marsh is the best collective “up the middle” defense this franchise has had in long ass time

  36. Obviously happy it didn’t happen, but hard to not imagine what would’ve happened if Embiid wasn’t injured pre-draft.

  37. It was actually reported that he was on top of the Cavs’ draft board before the workout injury.

  38. Really a shame. After his injuries, the dude has just entirely fallen off a cliff.

  39. Quick scoping as a whole is dumb, but it’s always been a part of cod.

  40. Man, it’s fun to be a fan of Jalen Hurts. Thank god we didn’t go for Watson. Cannot imagine the mental gymnastics it takes for fans to root for that guy.

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